Timmy is travelling today

For those who have been asking in the comments what is going on with this radio silence.

4 hour lay over in Zurich and you only get 2 hour’s free internet here. So, 2 hour wander around the suburbs on a lovely spring day as well. Why not?

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  1. From the Guardian article on trolling (BLUF: it’s all the fault of nasty racist, sexist men):

    ‘Imagine going to work every day and walking through a gauntlet of 100 people saying “You’re stupid”, “You’re terrible”, “You suck”, “I can’t believe you get paid for this”. It’s a terrible way to go to work’

    Guess which Guardian columnist wrote that? Yes, it’s our favourite dumb misandrist, Jessica Valenti.

    A bit of advice from an anonymous troll: “Jessica, stop writing stupid shit, and we’ll stop pointing it out to you!”

  2. Apropos Jessica, a comment made in the Guardian a while ago I thought worth saving

    “When the Guardian does things well, it does them very well.
    But for every article like this, there are several dozen columns by Jessica Valenti”

  3. Apropos Zurich, I lived there a while ago, on the “gold coast”. A thoroughly boring city and experience.

  4. SE,

    Good of the Guardian to show their working-out, as my maths teacher might have said.

    Conversations about crosswords, cricket, horse racing and jazz were respectful; discussions about the Israel/Palestine conflict were not.

    The Israel/Palestine conflict, like all conflicts, has two sides who vehemently disagree with each other. No surprise to see that level of disagreement reflected in the comments.

    Take for example, some of the comments left below an article on the mass drownings of migrants in the Mediterranean: “These people contribute nothing to the countries they enter”. At the Guardian, comments like these are considered abusive and were blocked from appearing on the site.

    Sounds like a valid point for debate rather than an abusive comment.

    I note that the Telegraph still hasn’t reinstated its comment system. The site feels dead.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of Züri. Not really a fan of cities at all. But the old centre of Bern is nice…

  6. Hmm. If you’re wandering around the ZH suburbs around the airport, you may end up going through Glattbrugg and past my employer’s head office.

    IME, ZH’s suburbs (like most Swiss suburbs) are deadly boring. But the centre’s quite decent.

  7. Not sure if I did. Can’t quite work out the mapping system they use on the bus stops. There’s an army base a few km from the airport and I went past that…..

  8. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Bloody hell, I hope you didn’t hang around Kloten for too long. It is so deathly dull, it is a relief to get back into the airport. It makes Crawley seem interestng.
    I suppose in many ways that’s a good thing. I would not describe the hinterlands of Schiphol or Heathrow as “dull”.
    I haven’t been to Zurich airport in a while. Frankfurt took all of its business and last time I was there, it was completely empty.

  9. No, no no no. If you have a long layover in Zürich, you go into the city centre, not the suburbs. At this time of year, enjoy some wild alpine strawberries on the market on the Limmat, a couple of drinks and a dance on the Bauschänzli, pick up some delicate essens for your loved-one at Globus, then head back to the airport for your connection. All 10 minutes away by train for a few francs.

    And if you really can’t do that, the Swiss lounge at the Schengen gates is one of the few worth paying in for. Assuming Mr. Piano Man at the superb bar on the ground floor has the day off.

  10. Zürich? Best city in the world, best airport in the world. The rest of you may judge my low tastes as you see fit.

  11. Bloke in Germany

    No, I share your happy view of it. It’s all matter of personal taste of course. Unless you’re Murphy; his views on Zurich are just ignorant, abusive shite. Unless they’re based on personal experience, which opens up a whole new line of questions.

  12. @SMFS – Terrifying; the state owns your children…

    As is typical, the incompetence of the state and the ‘3rd sector’ in cases such as Baby P is used to justify more power to the cunts who are the problem.

    Anyone who votes SNP after this is basically saying they hate the English/Tories/London establishment more than they love their own children.

  13. @SE – I notice the Graun no longer allows comments on serious topics. None of the stories or opinion pieces about PP/tax have been opened to comments.

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