Truer words never spoken


Richard Murphy says:
April 7 2016 at 5:08 pm
These are issues I address in The Courageous State

11 thoughts on “Truer words never spoken”

  1. Having read the ‘Courageous State’ he does indeed attempt to address them – by effectively recreating either the Soviet Union under Gorbachev or 1960s Britain – neither is likely to have much appeal to people forced to endure them in 2016….

  2. I would much rather be an inhabitant of Brave New World than the Courageous State.

    All those compliant females to shag and legal drugs to take.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Is it just me who failed to make a connection between Brave with Courageous and New World with State?

  4. Murphy is a Beta. He is glad to be a Beta. He would not want the responsibilities of an Alpha.

  5. he’s nothing but a lying, disingenuous, fraudulent cunt. i bet he thought Panama was his calling. watching him try to explain tax avoidance and offshore investment funds to his fuckwit followers is gold. a proper tool.

  6. I occasionally have a read of his blog. It is a surreal website where he writes a post and then proceeds to hold court whilst the comments come in. Judging by the length of some of the comments, a number of his readers do not have jobs. Or are sufficiently wealthy not to have to worry about earning a living. Or have jobs where work is optional.

    And if any one posts a comment that criticises his blog post, he tells them that they have broken his rules and therefore he is unable to respond to their post.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    @Salamander: Yes, quite. Many contributors here have been banned there, some indeed multipli-so. In that sense, this blog is something of a Salon des Refusés.

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