Well, I dunno really

The website which finally ran the story, Byline.com, is substantially funded by a Chinese billionaire who has attacked independent journalism, defended dictatorship, said the West is “morally bankrupt” and written that its survival “may depend… on becoming less democratic”.

Byline.com’s manager, Peter Jukes, has been paid by the controversial campaign group Hacked Off, which has claimed that newspapers may have withheld the story to threaten Mr Whittingdale.

Byline.com worked alongside Hacked Off to promote the story to the BBC and other outlets, which could undermine Mr Whittingdale, who opposes Hacked Off’s demand for state-backed regulation of the press.

Many key figures associated with Hacked Off, including former director, Brian Cathcart, write for Byline.com. Max Mosley, a major donor to Hacked Off, has also funded Byline.com.

It’s also connected with Exaro. Dodgy bunch to me.

And re the bird herself, no good images around with a quick search but some. Definitely toothsome if long in them. If I was a single bloke on Match.com I’d certainly accept a date or two.

All seems very contrived indeed really.

2 thoughts on “Well, I dunno really”

  1. If I am looking at photos of the correct woman there is one photo that looks quite reasonable and another where average would be a fairer assessment.

    An improvement because lots of women recommended on the blog are often direct from the line up at Cruft’s.

  2. Dear Mr Worstall

    “Mr Mosley, who won damages against the News of the World after it exposed his sadomasochistic sex session in 2008, has given smaller amounts but has given large sums to Impress, the body seeking to become a state-backed regulator of the press.”

    Impress’s board includes the fragrant Ms Arnott of ASH fame:


    And is funded by a newly crafted charity to the tune of £1m a year:


    Looking forward to reading both sets of accounts.


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