Well, no

When questioned on the issue, a spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: “Regardless of the form, Jeremy has published and declared all his earnings to HMRC, but we are still waiting for the Prime Minister to do the same.”

Pretty sure Cameron has declared all his earnings to HMRC to be honest about it.

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  1. Ah, but they are carrying on the insinuation that Cameron has shed loads of untaxed cash sitting in some tropical tax haven undeclared. That’s Cameron’s fault for not telling the lefties to fuck off immediately when his “investing in his father’s offshore trust fund” came to light.

  2. The use of “earnings” is presumably to conveniently ignore that he didn’t declare his pension.

    I can’t help wondering about the lefties response if Cameron had “forgotten” to declare something.

  3. Paul, HMRC are not completely stupid. They know perfectly well how much state pension everybody gets and have details on most UK private pensions (these are taxable at source).

    If you miss one off, they pick it up automatically.

    So while Corbyn might not have put the state pension on his form, HMRC knew about it anyway.

  4. Yes, indeed Mr Wadsworth, but the fact remains that only one of the two failed to declare his income correctly. I did read that Corbyn had also failed to declare a private pension.

    So we have the irony of the left raging about a rich man who declares all his income and remaining silent about another rich man who didn’t. Don’t even get me started on a possible future prime minister who doesn’t know that pensions are taxable, or just too cavalier to care.

  5. The issue regarding Jeremy Corbyn is incompetence; not tax evasion. Somehow that makes it worse doesn’t it!

  6. Actually no. The issue with corbyn’s published return is the apparent omissions. It is likely to be an offence under the taxes acts, regardless of whether all the relevant tax has been paid. He may get away with it as they may not bother, but it is still an offence. More stupid given they do know about it. Bit like professional footballers diving to try and get a penalty. And as an elected mp he is directly responsible for these rules.

  7. The STate Pension isn’t taxed at source. It is paid gross, and the tax comes off whatever other income you have.

  8. 3 pensions.

    State (which we know is in payment); his Local Govt pension – – his ‘office’ says tax is taken off before he gets it…Er… why are there ‘gross’ and ‘tax paid’ boxes on the HMRC return? Cos even if ‘tax’ is taken off before payment, it’d be at basic rate, tops. Also his MP’s pension – we don’t know if he is drawing that. Same deal re ‘tax’.

    ‘Earnings’ is indeed just a load of fog. He’ll have had State pension for 2+ years. Not declaring it is….er… illegal…

  9. Well to be pedantic, tax would only be able to ‘come off’ other income if it were PAYE income and had been coded out. It ought to be possible to work out from Corbyn’s tax return if that happened. If your other income was rents then there’s no mechanism for tax due to come off it. Tax comes from your income. And it’s a moot point if you have £7k state pension and £7k rents which income the tax is coming from.

    As for Corbyn, it’s no get out to say that HMRC would know about state pension income. HMRC receive information about bank interest, property sales and employment income from other sources, that doesn’t mean you can leave that income off your tax return on the basis that HMRC can find out about it elsewhere. If pension income was left off, it’s an incorrect return.

  10. @ Andrew M
    We should all fear competent socialists – Lavrentiy Beria was the most competent of Stalin’s poliburo

  11. @MarkWadsworth if Labour weren’t so desperate to throw mud I’d agree with you.

    Corbyn’s errors do not show criminality. But then again, Cameron’s don’t either. It is the laughable hypocrisy that’s the problem.

    Remember Milibands IHT trick, and Stemcor, and how *somehow* they are acceptable, but anything connected to the Tories is obviously dodgy

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