Well, no, not going to work

Isil terrorists are planning to use drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities in a horrific “dirty bomb” attack, David Cameron has warned.

World leaders are concerned that jihadists want to buy basic drones that are widely available online to transport radioactive material into the heart of major cities in a strike that could kill thousands.

What are they going to spray that would kill thousands?

Nuclear and radiation just don’t work that way. Chucking a few hundred grammes of something around just doesn’t kill people. Not thousands. Could cause problems, cause chaos even, but kill? Nah.

15 thoughts on “Well, no, not going to work”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    No, it’s the fuckwit politician and media induced panic that will kill thousands. Not the horrid evil nuclear stuff.

    More crap from the overly foreheaded one.

  2. As someone said on here a couple of weeks ago, “It’s not the nuclear reaction, it’s the social reaction”.

  3. “basic drones that are widely available online”
    It’s that evil internet again. Widely available in the nearest Maplins/toy shop, but I guess that doesn’t sound as threatening. Still, at least Geiger counters are widely available too.

  4. Yup. What they just said.

    “After Brussels, people weren’t nearly frightened enough. Almost as if they thought: ‘Well, random loonies have been killing people for decades, Next…’ What we need right now is for people to panic a bit.”

    “People think they have a feel for the level of danger. Could we introduce something invisible, a bit Black-Magic? That’s always much more effective than a palpable threat?”

  5. Pig-Fuckers concern is that the police state power grab–opportunity generously provided by The ISLAMIC state–isn’t going fast enough. He needs more power at a quicker pace. In order to supress those natives who have begun to see, understand and are waking up to complain about the Real Jihad–demographic takeover. Guns and bombs are an unwanted sideshow to the Real Jihad and are unwelcome to the real multi-culti jihadists both islamics and socialists. Because they are causing people to question what’s going on. If the bomb and gun clowns had kept their heads down for another 30 years islamics would be a majority or near majority everywhere across Europe. And then bombing/shooting likely would win them the victory they seek.

  6. Um so there’s allegedly a major security risk to the West.
    But the police are spending their time harassing people who use Twitter.
    So, either the first bit is a lie, or the police are massively overstaffed. Or both.

  7. “Widely available in the nearest Maplins”

    I doubt there is a branch in IS territory, although there is one in Luton.

  8. Billions spent on State education and still the population is ignorant about basic science (economics too) but the situation seem no better in expensive ‘top’ public schools, and university is merely a place were children can delay adulthood and having to work.

  9. “basic drones”

    Maplin-level drones can’t carry sh*t, if you want something that carries stuff, especially super-dense and heavy material, including the mechanism to distribute it, you need some serious drone engineering expertise, and it wont be a small vehicle either.

  10. especially super-dense and heavy material, including the mechanism to distribute it

    It’s a common theme, so should be well understood by now, but a “dirty drone” won’t need to be carrying enough dirt to have any direct effect – the chaos that ensues will all come from the panic created by government and media.

  11. When you read that the Brussels March agaisnt fear was cancelled as the police were too stretched to provide cover you know that the west has lost and the terrorists are winning.
    In Canada the first thing most people say when I tell them we are going to Paris in the summer is to ask about the risk of terrorism, sad indeed

  12. the Brussels March agaisnt fear was cancelled as the police were too stretched to provide cover

    Did the police explain why the protection for a peace march was needed, and from whom?

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