Will the BBC hire a newsreader with Tourette’s?

Apropos the BBC’s announcement that 8% of all jobs, on and off air, will be reserved for those with disabilities Gunker tells us the following:

If they had a newsreader with Tourette’s, I would gladly hand over my license fee.

I think you could actually run a YouTube channel on that premise. Pick up the feed of any number of TV news programs and replace the sound track with the same script just being read by someone with a specific Tourrette phonic tick. Would catch on I think.

However, something a little different. OK, so Tourette’s isn’t quite this but some manifestations of it are:

“Good FUCKPIG! morning, I’d like CUNT! a cup of coffee WANKER! please.”

And my question is, if such a Tourette’s sufferer learns another language, does that tic move with them?

“Bon ENCOULERCOCHON! jour, je veu MERDE! un cafe ANGLAIS!AMERICAIN! si vous voulez”?

And if it does, how do they know which words to use? What happens when they can’t yet swear in that new language?

10 thoughts on “Will the BBC hire a newsreader with Tourette’s?”

  1. I always thought it would make a great sequel;

    “The King’s Speech II – This time it’s Tourette’s!”

  2. ‘What happens when they can’t yet swear in that new language?’

    There is not a language yet invented that has a better array of swear words for any occasion than English , whether verbal or physical.

    It is for this reason alone that English is adopted across the world and is the defacto world language.
    Swivel on that cultural (cunni)linguistic motherfuckers.

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    This a good question. What happens when a Tourette’s subject speaks a foreign language, one in which he is not fluent in the obscenities.

    You know who is the man to ask? Stephen Pinker.

  4. Highly recommend looking up Lewis ‘QBall’ Nickell on Facebook. He’s got media experience, too, so I’m sure he’s ideal for a camera-facing job with the BBC.

  5. Don’t forget that with this 8 percent there will be affirmative action for the ethnics , females,etc.
    So laugh at that heterosexual honkies. Soon you will be a memory.

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