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World’s airlines entirely grounded

Budget carrier SpiceJet fired a senior pilot for allegedly misbehaving with an air hostess during an international flight.

Well, they will all be entirely grounded if it catches on that a pilot trying to bang a stewardess becomes a firing offence.

7 thoughts on “World’s airlines entirely grounded”

  1. I’d expect them to leave it for after landing though. In-flight there should only be one pair of hands on the captain’s joystick.

  2. I’m having trouble with the concept of “misbehaving” with an air hostess. Going on my experience with the Cali Air stews used to fly out of Gatwick, in my youth, I’d always presumed this sort of thing was compulsory. And looking at the munters EasyJet carts around, it’d need to be.

  3. Is there really a problem? I mean, pilots have to go and take a dump on flights. Can you get back quicker from that if there’s a problem than being nuts deep in an air hostess?

    I suspect it’s more about the impression of safety, like for those twats that applaud the computer that landed the plane.

  4. @BiG
    I imagine it was the abort protocols the Stig was envisaging rather than the mission duration.

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