Yes, let’s have a war!

Today Cameron’s promise fell far short of that genuine transparency. He needs to get tough with the treasure islands and follow Charles de Gaulle’s example. When Monaco refused a tax measure he requested, he forced them to surrender by surrounding the kingdom with soldiers and turning off their water supply.

Bit colonialist of Polly, no?

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  1. Nah, seriously, it grips my sh1t big time that the USSR could invade, colonise and suppress the natives in the Baltics, Ukraine, Khazachstan and far east, denying them their own language, forcibly importing populations of ethnic russians etc. but somehow they were the anti-imperialists…

  2. “In the same way, all dealings between HMRC and companies must be published, so we can see how Google, Amazon, Facebook and myriad others escape paying what they owe. ”

    But I thought it had been established that they *do* pay what is owed?

  3. @BiT

    And Stemcor! As well as Lady Hodge’s various tax dodges, which unlike Cameron’s were real dodges. Where are the demands for this?

    I also note that according to Corbyn’s tax return he has no interest income or dividend income. So no bank deposits or unit trusts. Looks fishy to me.

  4. O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ” Tommy, go away ” ;
    But it’s ” Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the Taxman wants ‘is pay
    The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
    O it’s ” Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the Taxman wants ‘is pay.

  5. We are always on the back foot against the leftist apparatus of lies that disseminates all this shite.

    And we always will be so long as leftists control the media.

    The media is run by middle-class brainwashed Marxist scum. Brainwashed by the fucking Uni vermin.

    So long as the left hold the Uni’s and thus the media we will continue to lose the propaganda war. We will always be a day late and a dollar short.

    The Unis must be purged and the Red Guards–which are now the maddest generation ever, having quite literally abandoned even the pretence of reason for childish emoting–must be destroyed. If these shite grow up to take over society the entire human race would stand in peril not just Western values.

  6. “Looks fishy to me.”

    Either he has no money, it’s all in ISAs, or all in a non-interest-bearing current account.

    Or undeclared.

  7. @abacab

    Candidly, your continual trolling means your days are numbered here.

    Anyone left wing is to be believed when there is no evidence to contradict what they say. Anyone right wing is to be doubted when there is no evidence to support what they say.

  8. I put the following on Murphy’s website. Interestingly, he claimed he hadn’t looked at Corbyn’s tax return and, uncharacteristically, he didn’t have even an uninformed opinion.

    “On transparency, any thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return Richard? Seems to me that Questions 1 to 9 MUST be completed (and answered to the best on his knowledge and belief) but he only answers question 3. Does this make it a fraudulent or negligent return?

    Also, I understand that he has a lodger. Question 4 should be answered in the affirmative even if this is less than rent a room exemption of £4,250. It is not answered.

    I believe there is also a question that he did not disclose all his other income for his lecturing per Parliamentary records. “

  9. Polly has always been a stranger to facts, hasn’t she? How could France surround Monaco and cut off its water supply? Doesn’t she know it is on the sea coast? Doesn’t she know it has its own water supply? Doesn’t she know that the main rail route from Paris to Italy passes through Monaco, making such an action by France into a self-inflicted wound? Obviously she is unaware that the blockade amounted to 6 customs officials blocking the road to Nice for a few hours, but it is not hard to find out, unless you are an idiot like Polly.

    Interestingly does she really believe that the UK is in any position to invade Jersey and the Virgin Islands?

    And when is she going to put her tax return online?

  10. It would be quite amusing if as a result of publishing them they got stung for errors or omissions. More likely for the ones that did not employ a tax accountant.

  11. “he forced them to surrender by surrounding the kingdom with soldiers and turning off their water supply”

    A key problem with bullying is that there may be a bigger bully out to get you.

    I’m sure we can get Jersey to buckle at gunpoint, but what if the US and Russia want to carve up Europe for whatever reason?

  12. Another issue but by implication more war forced upon us by the virtue signalling left, to which Polly belongs:
    ‘In this context, perhaps the plaintiffs and their advisor are aware of the terrifying potential of creating a constitutional obligation to wage global warfare, but believe that a bit of geopolitical brinkmanship is a risk worth taking, in order to “save the planet”.’

  13. I am challenging Murphy to publish his returns. I expect my comment to be deleted; I am not expecting to see that return any time soon.

  14. “I’m sure we can get Jersey to buckle at gunpoint, but what if the US and Russia want to carve up Europe for whatever reason?”

    An obvious but frequently overlooked point.

    To be fair, in Europe, the US would rather have one big, bloated, bamboozling bureaucracy to control instead of dozens of smaller regions.

  15. And with French nominees on its council. Polly has fucked up badly on this post, but the Guardian will never tell her.

  16. A key point is that Jersey was bypassed at D-day, not just because of its strategic irrelevance, but because it was a hard nut to crack. The inhabitants of Jersey had a different viewpoint when they starved.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Just as the ban on slavery led to British Imperialism in Africa, so to could this new Tax Justice enforcement lead to a new British Imperialism in places like the Cayman Islands.

    Perhaps India ….

    You know, all of a sudden I think I am coming around to Ritchie’s point of view. What is the minimum tax rate in whatever they are calling Northern Rhodesia these days? I think we have a moral obligation to fight tax evasion wherever we find it …..

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If Toynbee were forced to adhere to the same standards of honesty as, say, a Nigerian politician, she’d have been shitcanned years ago for being a mendacious old trollop. It’s amazing how lucrative a career in Making Up Shit on the Internet can be if your made-up shit fits a certain template.

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