Yes, yes, quite so

Linked to your post an interesting pamphlet by Bryan Gould has just been published by the Fabian Society. I’ve got a lot of time for Gould, and it is a crying shame he saw which way the wind was blowing after Blair was elected Labour leader and decided to head off back to New Zealand and a vice-chancellorship of Waikato university

Richard Murphy says:
April 3 2016 at 11:28 pm

He looks like he is borrowed a great deal from me

Because every semi-fascist manque borrows from Ritchie. There being no other proposers of such ideas in the literature.

18 thoughts on “Yes, yes, quite so”

  1. Is it possible that Richie’s head can continue to expand forever? All I know is, I want to be nowhere near it if it finally explodes, but I wouldn’t mind watching the video on UTube. It’d probably be like those videos of exploding whales. Or Mr Creosote. Or Scanners.

  2. He’ll be improving the Sermon on the Mount next if you please.

    After all the multi-national got Jesus. But they won’t get Murphy. How can they when –this time–God is the junior partner?

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Why does the British Left feel the need to constantly be importing greasy antipodean cunts like Gould? He’s far from the only Kiwi or Ocker that’s come half-way round the planet to be a fucking nuisance. The mentally-retarded Natalie Bennett is another example. Can she not be deported, preferably to Libya?

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    …he saw which way the wind was blowing after Blair was elected Labour leader…

    Well, you didn’t need a weather man…

  5. Unfortunately for the cretin Richie, Bryan has had the same ideas since the 1980s predating the moron by decades.

    How did the collapse of idiotic Keynesianism pass this cretin by? Industrial strategy – where civil servants picked “winners” like British Steel, British Leyland and DeLorean.

  6. Ken

    He is that remarkable example of a concept previously thought hypothetical ‘the ahistorical man’ – recall his response when queried on the Japanese problems with unending rounds of stimuli?

    ‘I have no knowledge of, nor interest in Japan’

    An utter cretin

  7. V_P

    And yet delivering his cretinous thoughts to students at a so-called university in the UK.

    City University, a place where you can be taught by an “ahistorical man”

  8. “The BBC has a studio in Cambidge, and uses that backdrop whenever it interviews someone there.”

    Thank God for that.

  9. For me, Bryan Gould was where the Labour party jumped the shark. The party chose fat scottish cunt John Smith and lost the election. Then the party opted for Maastricht and eRM…so Gould went back to New Zealand. Has he ever expressed regret?

  10. I wonder if it is possible to describe the late John Smith without involving the words fat, self-rghteous, Scottish cunt.

  11. The Labour party voted John “the fat virtue-signalling cunt” Smith but luckily he died because he was so fat.

    Then they voted for Blair.

    History. The end of socialism, surely.

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