You what?

Sweden aims to lead the world on carbon-free steel production

Have we all been doing our chemistry wrong? Don’t we actually want carbon in the steel?

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  1. The only things Sweden leads the world in are nasty Marxian feminism and kissing RoP arse. Although both at the same time could be said to be a world-class feat of doublethink.

  2. Sweden is all but lost if the demographics play out as forecast.
    The stoning to death of those who have brought this upon their fellow countrymen will be of little comfort, if a little satisfaction.

  3. Cement actually absorbs carbon dioxide as it cures. With care, you can set up the cement manufacturing process so it emits less CO2 than it later absorbs.

  4. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, what the article actually is talking about is “carbon-free energy” not “carbon-free steel”.

    It would be deplorable to see this as evidence of confusion ignorance in the mind (?) of the writer of the article. Wouldn’t it?

  5. BiT: Check your schoolboy chemistry. Fe3O4 + 2C = 3Fe + 2CO2. No hydrogen there. I’m still wondering how replacing C with H2 will reduce the iron ore to iron without reverse reactions converting the steam partly back to ferric oxide (not a good idea for the eventual quality of the steel). In any case the iron needs some carbon to make steel so there will be side reactions producing CO2 anyway.

  6. After the obvious joke the article actually isn’t that bad.

    They do admit that reliability is a problem with wind power, which, by itself, is amazing in a ‘green’ article.

    I am confused about the claim that 4% growth is a booming economy. If that is booming then our standards have really fallen.

    What I a missing is how removing coke from the steel making process, which adds needed carbon, can be done efficiently. I know that recycled steel is 88% of the total usage in Britain currently. For Britain at least this means only 12% of steel actually needs to be made using coal with current technologies.

    How do carbon emissions for the remaining 12% compare to the carbon emissions from ‘greens’ flying to different countries around the world for conferences?

    In short aren’t there better places to focus billions of tax euros assuming we concede that carbon emissions need to be limited?

  7. You’re talking about alternative energy? Unicorn Fart, 100% clean, 100% Gaia friendly. Accept no substitute.

  8. Re: BlokeInTejas

    Carbon-free energy – or carbon dioxide-free energy. The two are very different (and the former would be pretty much impossible with current technologies).

  9. Moonbeam panels? Work great, just ask the Spanish. All you need is some diesel gennies and arc lights.

  10. Sweden has more than its fair share of the sort of gormless knobs who think you can repair a punctured car tyre with a memo.

    Swedish socialists make the chef look smart and are far, far nastier. The stranglehold of the progressives on Swedish politics and media is not going to end well – at all.

    just pitiful

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