America is not Europe

Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs has been smacked down by a US newspaper after he demanded it remove an article about him buying a new house.
Mr Fuchs was told ‘we’re not removing s***’ by the New York Observer after it published an article about his purchase of the £1.6 million townhouse in New York.
In a letter to his lawyers the newspaper said that that since the Revolutionary War of 1783 ‘we Americans no longer take orders from you’.

The newspaper dismissed Mr Fuchs’ claim that it was breaching his privacy under the Human Rights Act and accused him of ‘colonialism by lawfare’.

Quite, the Human Rights Act, with the top court being the ECHR, doesn’t have much to say about what Americans may or may not do.

Bugger off is entirely the correct response.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    And yet, wasn’t an American newspaper dragged to an Australian Court to defend themselves for something they had published? Google certainly has to consider the European Human Rights Act.

    Apart from the bravado, I assume this means this paper does not do much business in the UK. Because if it did, it would be liable. So we can probably assume it is not owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Worstall – “Dow Jones: for libel. And that’s rather different, libel.”

    Is it? If Dow Jones did business in the Middle East and they published a horoscope in America, couldn’t Saudi Arabia hold them liable? Not because it is moral but because if you have hostages in a country you have to pay attention to what that country has to say.

    All sorts of countries are dragging all sorts of people before their courts for things done or said overseas. Why is libel any better or worse than “privacy” except one was invented much earlier than the other?

    It is rare for a company to refuse to do business because of a local law. All the people boycotting North Carolina for not letting men into the little girls bathroom are happy to do business with the Middle East where they execute or jail Gays. Apple sells in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Christian Fuchswit isn’t managing to dispel any of the stereotypes of soccer players there…

  4. Given that it’s also splashed all.acroas the Mail, complete with property port pictures, one has to ask exactly which European law his lawyers thought they were enforcing.

  5. They clearly felt Mr Fuchs was a low-risk for firebombing their offices or sawing their heads off live on the internet, so gave him both barrels.

  6. I don’t give a monkeys for leftist papers regardless of where they are published. But I like still less the friends of “Hacked Off” who think to use lawdog scum to silence free speech.

    They should have paid a footie hit squad to wreck him for life on the pitch.

  7. Strikes me that the newspaper has not just a chip on its shoulder but a ruddy great boulder when it remarks “that since the Revolutionary War of 1783 ‘we Americans no longer take orders from you’.”

    Given that Mr Fuchs is Austrian whose Hapsburg Empire may once have stretched to Mexico but never came in sight of Manhattan.

    And isn’t almost 250 years rather a long time to bear a grudge? Especially when we are supposed now to have a ‘Special Relationship’?

    Ignorant Yanks is the first thing. that comes to mind

  8. Massive irony fail from the Yanks, given they impose their ludicrous views on financial regulation and on sanctions throughout the world.

  9. He published the letter the Observer’s lawyer Robert Garson, himself a Brit, had approved to send to Mr Yates which said that it had been 400 years since America had to respect British law.

    The Daily Mail needs a new calculator.

  10. @ Gareth
    What evidence have you that the Americans respected British law between 1616 and 1776? (or even that they obeyed it when the governor wasn’t watching)

  11. Evidently Fuchs is a moron. The only, and I do mean ONLY, attraction NYC can possibly have to the rich and famous (and Fuchs is low on the totem pole on both counts) is the fact that NYC dwellers don’t give a fuck about them. It’s a point of pride with New Yorkers to ignore the sort of people that would send those who dweller in places like, well, Leicester, agog.

  12. The Daily Mail needs a new calculator.

    Actually, they got it just about right.

    For most of us in the States, Britain is that weird uncle we visit occasionally but for the most part try to ignore.

  13. America to us is like the younger son who’s really done quite well for himself.

  14. So I assume he will be reporting his solicitors to the Legal Ombudsman for ripping him off, sorry, ‘poor service’?

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