Bang goes the market economy then

I may be being terribly British, but I’d rather be carted off to debtor’s prison than face the embarrassment of asking people I don’t know for money.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually no. There goes the Rhineland model. Which basically consists of the entrepreneurial asking their local Herrenvolk if they would mind lending them some money in exchange for a few seats on the Board and so on.

    Unlike the British who are terribly embarrassed about asking for money and so sell half their company to random strangers in order to raise the cash.

    The market works fine without obvious borrowing. You just raise capital be selling shares. It is just the poor middle class who can’t sell shares and so have to face the repeated humiliation of asking their bank manager for a loan.

  2. But you don’t need to ask strangers for money, the Government takes it (theft) off them for you and calls it taxation and redistribution.

    All to do with Social-Liberal Democracy Justice fairness, equality, something…

  3. Is this really in the Guardian? Perhaps she is embarassed about asking but doesn’t mind it being looted from strangers and then given to her?

  4. What? Surely is hundred times better to borrow money from people you don’t know. It’s private, and it doesn’t lead to losing friends. Plus, the amounts I typically want to borrow, my friends don’t have just lying around. But then I don’t write for the Guardian.

  5. There is an upside, Dennis. These Guardian writers keep the slip-on shoe industry ticking over because, god knows, they really are too stupid to tie their own shoelaces.

  6. “but I’d rather be carted off to debtor’s prison”

    Bit out of touch ain’t she? Does she live in a virtual world constructed from Dickens novels?

  7. Not just the Graun, been in the Wail and Torygraph as well.

    I’m not surprised. People have said things like “it’s made up” ; it’s completely plausible.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Rob – “Bit out of touch ain’t she? Does she live in a virtual world constructed from Dickens novels?”

    Tens of thousands of Americans are in prison for debt. I assume some are in the UK too. You just have to owe that special privileged form of debt – child support or alimony. Then, if you don’t pay, you sit in a prison cell. No matter what that does to your ability to pay in the future.

    Remember, you have to pay on your imputed income – what the Court thinks you *should* be earning. Not what you do. So if you lose your job because, for instance, you have been in prison for the last month or two, it matters not one little bit. You still need to pay.

    But I don’t think the Guardian is likely to complain about that any time soon.

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