Bit of a disappointment

So urban decadence reaches rural Portugal: peanut butter Oreos.

Munch munch…..what the hell is this?

Ah, *reads packet* peanut butter flavour Oreos.

Back to spreading peanut butter on chocolate digestives it is then…..

22 thoughts on “Bit of a disappointment”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    American sweeties are uniformly terrible, Tim. They wouldn’t know a good biscuit if they were mugged by a jammie dodger.

  2. What are you doing biting into an Oreo, Tim? You’re supposed to twist it open and just eat the filling.

  3. Peanut butter on chocolate digestives? Good Christ, Tim, are you standing for local election, or something?

  4. Similar thing with baking soda toothpaste; the shop I used to buy it in stopped selling it, so I just put baking soda on the cheap supermarket toothpaste. But in the end it was just hassle.

  5. I like to think that when I come to power, I’ll be one of the more forgiving and amiable dictators.

    However, margarine will absolutely be banned, and I’ll be giving serious thought to the practice of dunking.

    It’s complicated as some of those closest to me dunk. Perhaps special dunking cubicles are the answer.

  6. I don’t understand this US preoccupation with PNB & Choc together. PNB (crunchy) is for sweet (or even hotter) chilli sauce in sarnies. Choc (dark) is to be eaten in chunks together with chunks of marzipan. Most other things, fruit especially, contaminate choc IMHO.

  7. Most other things, fruit especially, contaminate choc IMHO.

    That’s not just your opinion. Chocolate covered whatever not only wastes perfectly good chocolate but it wastes perfectly good fruit. Don’t get me started on chocolate covered bacon(NO, I will not share the link).

  8. I always assumed the Septics combined peanut butter and chocolate for two reasons:

    1) The peanut butter takes away the taste of the Yank chocolate; and

    2) The chocolate takes away the taste of the Yank peanut butter.

  9. I’m wondering: is peanut butter the only genuinely original USian contribution to world cuisine? (I ask as a fan of peanut butter.)

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Better than that: the Afrocentrists claim it was invented by a black guy. So stop with your cultural appropriation, you hegemonic shitlords!

  11. I don’t understand this US preoccupation with PNB & Choc together.

    I don’t understand the UK preoccupation with Marmite.

  12. Ted S

    Half of the UK hates Marmite.

    There is, I suspect, a big overlap between dunkers and lovers of marmite.

    These are not bad people. They just have disgusting and depraved tastes.

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