But me, Me!, MEEEEE!

Second, as I expected, corruption is defined in the very narrow sense that, for example, Transparency International use, which lets Cameron ignore the systemic corruption in the supply side in places like the City of London and the UK financial services industry. This spectacularly misses the point, and the UK’s role in this issue.

He’s just using the normal definition of corruption, not the special one invented by me, Me!, MEEEEE!

See, that proves he’s currupt and it’s neoliberal sophistry to claim otherwise.

10 thoughts on “But me, Me!, MEEEEE!”

  1. Nice response to that tweet from the organiser pointing out that he could have bought a ticket just like anyone else.

    I guess paying for things is for the little people.

  2. Noel

    That’s a superb capture of that tweet – what a narcissistic little cretin- And, Good Lord, who would want an essay marked by him?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    He means he’s not been invited as a keynote speaker and there’s no way he’s going to pay to attend to lseten to others speak.

  4. Having already gone in to bat for tax havens (which according to him are not meant to serve the general good ), Timmy has gone onto to defend corruption on the basis of the dictionary definition. Funny ,when you look up “fraud” in the dictionary, you get a simple definition; when you look up Fraud and Economic Crime as investigated by the Police you get many,many pages.

  5. Aw bless, more topically, re a tweet today a bit of marketing never hurt anyone did it?

    “If any journalists want to interview me I will be around Green Park by 1.30 or so”

  6. I see he’s now telling the Queen what she should do regarding the BVI – perhaps MI5 could pick him up in Green Park?

  7. DBC Reed

    To quote from the Stanley Kubrick classic ‘Full metal Jacket’

    ‘What is your major malfunction, numb nuts????’

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