Constitutional expert now, eh?

By holding this Summit the UK government has recognised (however inadequately) the importance of tackling corruption. And they have agreed that it is a threat to international law and order.

The UK is responsible for law and order in the BVI.

The BVI are not taking the steps needed to deliver law and order.

A simple step should follow. Her Britannic Majesty should, through her Governor in the BVI, suspend local government of the British Oveseas Territory until such time as law and order can be restored. Direct rule from Westminster must be put in its place.

I await the announcement.

Yes, that’s right. Legal tax dodging is a sufficient threat to the state to justify martial law.

18 thoughts on “Constitutional expert now, eh?”

  1. Hmm. People obeying the law in a way of which the LHTD does not approve is a sufficient absence of law and order to re-impose direct colonial rule?

  2. Don’t forget under his impeccable logic, North Korea’s rulers have a’democratic mandate’ t extract money from their citizens…. To call him deranged is grossly unfair – he is the embodiment of power worship and the FurherPrinzip – as close to pure evil as one will find……

  3. I cannot see direct rule happening. If it did then the rest of the UK would need to find the money to pay for education, health, social services and housing in all those little islands that constitute the remainder of the British Empire.

    For some people living on those islands, this would actually be progress as quite a few people do not live decent lives and have to rely on charitable handouts.

    It could be quite expensive. There are about 250,000 people in the British Overseas Territories. Assuming we spent the same amount per head as we do in London then it could cost the UK tax payer about £2.5 billion.

    Of course in some cases it might be more charitable just to remove the people from a given island and move them to Scotland or Wales. For example – Pitcairn. An island of 56 inbred people where the local pass time for the men is child abuse.

  4. I wonder if he’d extend the example to bring in the UN or such like to demand an end to corruption in those countries where the Union Jack never flew?

  5. I wonder if this blog has reached peak Ritchie?

    Every one of his utterances can be refuted with the phrase: “Fuck off you mentalist halfwit!”

    In the wider world, I note that no-one, even Guardian readers and the similarly weak-witted, has heard of him. He’s not even funny any more….

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The people of the BVI should, through their Premier in the House of Assembly, say, “fuck off you grubby little fascist.”

    Also, since the spectacle of a largely black legislature being hectored by a fat pasty dickhead like Murphy is singularly unedifying, this would be an opportune moment to play the race card like the Draw Four in Uno.

  7. You could make the argument that the only reason he hasn’t be sued, stripped of his charter, or thoroughly thrashed is because he’s so obviously ridiculous.

    Question: Any odds on who in the Murphy household actually wears the jackboots and wields the riding crop? My bet isn’t on Ritchie.

  8. MC

    My concern is I imagine people saying in Germany in 1928 – ‘perhaps the papers have reached Peak Hitler’ – that’s why whilst I agree almost every sentence can be refuted by citing his lack of intellect, it is still well worth doing….

  9. The British Overseas Territories should obviously be integrated into the UK so they are nothing more than Cleethorpes, with as much restriction of movement to and from as Cleethorpes. Bagsies the first cheap plane ride to Benefit-Street-in-the-Carib. 😉

  10. “He’s not even funny any more….”

    I beg to differ: I still find his blend of ignorance, pomposity and lack of self-awareness hilarious. I occasionally drop by his blog and post a comment. Recently, I advised him to be careful what he wrote, because the episode with Lord Ashcroft did not go well. He deleted the comment in under three minutes. I could almost feel his seething rage.

  11. You know, its rare in to see, in an advanced Western country, the shift from ‘I think we should, as a country, lean a bit further left’ to ‘I think we should arrest, jail, and execute anyone who might possibly be a threat to the revolution’ in less than a single generation.

    I mean, this guy is going straight into ‘dictator-for-life’ territory with his rhetoric nowadays.

    He’s just waiting for a suitable strongman to come around that he can throw his support behind.

  12. “Yesterday’s Anti-Corruption Summit did not excite the world. It did not even excite readers of this blog: traffic yesterday was at about normal levels and right now those are at below Panama Papers levels. I made it onto the ITN News at Ten, but media coverage on the day was limited, and less than in the build up. The term damp squib feels appropriate: candidly, the event simply did not deliver, as predicted.”

    Nobody gives a shit about you Ritchie.

  13. Is there a more impressive polymath with the wide and deep knowledge of all topics of human learning, aspiration and endeavour than Professor of Economics Richard Murphy?

  14. I’m sorry, Worstall. How many times do you not agree with the rule of law? You are usually quite contemptuous about laws in general.

    So a person wants to change a law.

    Go figure, smug hypocrite.

  15. Actually, Arnald, the Murphster doesn’t want to “change a law” – he asserts that existing laws justify imposition of martial law because allowing perfectly fucking legal commercial transactions that he personally doesn’t like is a “failure to deliver law and order.” That this transgression occurs in an other jurisdiction which is otherwise a self-governing parliamentary democracy gives the Murph no pause at all. The man is unhinged.

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