Did Ritchie ever work with Ruth Kelly?

I was intrigued to note that PWC are offering part of a course on creating an ethical environment
within a company at the Lismullin Institute in Ireland tomorrow.

Now don’t get me wrong: I am delighted that PWC is interested in such issues. And the issues they say they will address are fair.

But would I offer such opinion at this Institute which is run by Opus Dei? I am not sure. For a start, offering a discussion of ethics with an organisation that has some difficulties with the role of women does require some pretty big caveats to be offered at the outset. There are some other dimensions that might also need to be explored, in depth.

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  1. A strangely unforgiving comment from someone who has proclaimed himself a Christian in the past – but maybe that was then?

  2. In answer to your question Tim, it’s possible although given Kelly’s departments were Transport, Education and local government, all areas where his knowledge even then was woefully deficient, it seems unlikely he would have been consulted….

  3. He’s on form today!

    “I have been an entrepreneur. I am quite proud of the fact.”


    “Just as they didn’t when in the mid 1980s I helped bring the game Trivial Pursuit to Europe and saw the whole range of offshore planning that the combined minds of two of the Big 4 firms of accountants could bring to the structuring of such a product. I stress: I saw offshore, I helped make that work in some ways, and I learned a lot as a result. If you like, I stand before you a sinner, and ask your forgiveness.”


  4. Opus who?

    Opus Ritchie. (Latin: Praelatura Sanctae Murphy et Operis Ritchie). The literal translation is: I’m a rather plump middle-aged half-wit of a narcissist with wholly unfounded delusions of grandeur.

  5. “…in the mid 1980s I helped bring the game Trivial Pursuit to Europe…”

    The irony of it all is that he hasn’t stopped bringing trivial pursuit to Europe since then; it’s just that now it’s known as Tax Research UK.

  6. Opus Dei? You know, the rotters led by Alfred Molina and Paul Bettany in The Da Vinci Code.

  7. I sneeze in threes

    “…in the mid 1980s I helped bring the game Trivial Pursuit to Europe…”

    Did he have a van?

  8. @ Richard Allan
    I wouldn’t know – I gave up after the first few pages when I found he (Brown not Murphy) thought Apollo was female.

  9. Did Ritchie ever work with Ruth Kelly?

    Who knows?

    What we do know, however, is that with the exception of the committee of examiners of Murphy’s stools commenting at Tax Research, very few of Murphy’s working relationships seem to last for any significant time at all.

  10. Is this the same Richard Murphy who only yesterday posed for a photograph with a man who has praised IRA bombers, refused to condemn the Brighton bombing (or indeed any other specific act of violence by Irish or Middle Eastern terrorists) and opposes the Anglo Irish and Good Friday Agreements?

  11. Perhaps she should ask one of Murdoch’s papers for a few quid to write about his refusal to have any high to do with Opus Dei.

  12. Setting up a company to distribute a successful board game does not an entrepreneur make.

    Did he do it for or with a third party?

    What value did he bring to the table?

    What risk did he take?

  13. If Opus Dei are really as shady and dangerous as the loonies say, perhaps they’ll assassinate him because he blew their cover.

  14. BraveFart

    He can rely on the ‘gang of four’ for support (Wilcox, Reed, Dickie and Horrocks) – I think it was the latter’s comparison of him with the preacher John Wesley that had to be the most nauseating I have ever read….

  15. VP

    Good God I missed that comment – I have an unpleasant mental picture of Horrocks covered in drool as he typed it.

    In truth I very rarely bother with Tax Research these days, as I’m not a member of the inner circle jerk gang that you list.

  16. The Opus Dei is a relatively new order founded by José María Escrivá de Balaguer in the 1920s.

    They are ultra catholic but not into torture (of third parties at least, some do or did wear self-castigating stuff). Women have had (suspect it is changing) a clearly subservient rôle, there are levels of committment (giving money to the order, living in residences etc) and they make great professionals as they are normally NOT corrupt.

    But, despite all that, nothing to do with what is portrayed in the book/film. Historical inaccuracy hardly covers it. They are like hard-line Jesuits. They run schools which are academically very good and well disciplined. Friends of mine send their kids and they aren’t even practising catholics.

    I happen to know, for professional reasons, a number of members. Boring but serious people to work with.

    Looks like Mr. Murphy has been going to the cinema too much and getting his knowledge from Mr Hanks. There are worse things to worry about.

  17. Van-P

    There seems to be a new sycophant in Keith Fletcher who seems to see his role to immediately support Murphy if anyone dare ask a question that RM has allowed through the ‘editing’ process. Does anyone know who he really is?

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yeah, bilbaoboy, banging on about Opus Dei is a pretty clear indicator of a loony at work. It’s like getting all hot under the collar about the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers. It surprises little to learn that Murphy is a paranoiac. It must be shadowy enemies who are frustrating the advent of his wonderful New World Order and not the fact that he’s an incompetent cunt with the IQ of a bag of doorknobs.

  19. “he’s an incompetent cunt with the IQ of a bag of doorknobs”

    Consider that stolen.

  20. Apropos Murphy’s goons from time to time, where here has the goodly Mark Crown gone? Broadmoor?

  21. Opus Dei have female branches, which are governed by women. The “controversy” is in his head.

    The real discrimination of women is in their inability to reach priesthood. Good luck with changing that. In contrast the Orders have been a fore-front of equality in the Church.

  22. and yet…and yet…

    Throwing limp wristed water bombs at someone you don’t like alters nothing. For all your self-styled intellect, all you can do is snigger.

    Mount a challenge, get yourself on MSM, lay down your objectives and your direction. Make it something that resonates to us thickies. Get on the telly? Aren’t you able. Get an agent. Can’t be bothered because it’s beneath you?

    Playing soggy biscuit, issuing yourselves on a picture of A. Rand, or in Ecks’ case, a picture of his dear old mother when she was twenty, doesn’t prove you’re better than anyone.

    I navigate folk to this site, and you’re right in a way, not a lot of people want to engage with Murphy, but when they read the illiberal shit over here, they ask how the fuck is this a libertarian blog?

    Managing to acquire genital herpes without having sex is a fair analogy for newbies.

    Me, I’m Opus Dei.

  23. The scummy left all but run the fucking media and they fawn over Murphy because he spews the evil shite they want to hear.

    Meanwhile The Informer appears here to jeer.

    “Playing soggy biscuit,”

    Those are what you serve the punters Arno. Given the accelerating pace of you disconnected rambling you have served up way too many.

    ” issuing yourselves on a picture of A. Rand, or in Ecks’ case, a picture of his dear old mother when she was twenty”

    As the real Arnold observed (Total Recall) “Who is it dis time?My Mudder?”

    ,” doesn’t prove you’re better than anyone.”

    Larry, you are a cunt who supports mass murder and tyranny–we don’t have to do much to be better than you

    “I navigate folk to this site,”

    That a second job? The burgers not paying enough? Why don’t you go back to informing? You have the experience after all.

    ” and you’re right in a way, not a lot of people want to engage with Murphy,”

    If even you can’t stand him well…

    “but when they read the illiberal shit over here, they ask how the fuck is this a libertarian blog?”

    You’re a friend of Libertarians now? The LP is looking for a Presidential candidate. That has to pay better than food retail–even in a tropical Channel Island paradise.

    “Managing to acquire genital herpes without having sex is a fair analogy for newbies.”

    You’ve cracked it Arnie ! Sex counsellor. That’s your ticket.

    With a shingle saying “Laurence Sabien” you’ll be embarrassed with the sexually troubled pressing cash into your every orifice.

    And if enough cash comes your way you can always rat yourself out to Murph.

  24. Arnus
    We snigger at you! And your self-consuming anger that can spawn only such feeble jibes. You are comments above are pathetic. Come back when you’ve grown up.

  25. I wouldn’t say Opus Dei “has some difficulties with the role of women”; I should think they’re pretty clear on the role of women. It’s their opponents that have some difficulty with Opus Dei’s view of the role of women.

  26. Lizardking

    I thought Mark Crown was a spoof – he certainly was sycophantic enough to get a place in the Gang but only lasted about three months


    I have tended to eschew the comments unless someone here points out when he is getting ‘flamed’ – Just been over there and agree Keith Fletcher has to be a spoof – maybe a cricket fan?

  27. @Mr Womby

    The key date is around 1985 when the Canadians behind Horn Abbot decided to restructure the international part of the business. They formed Sans Serif in Barbados to license Trivial Pursuit internationally.

    You will note from Ritchie’s CV that he was finance director of the UK licensee called San Serif Print Publishing Limited. The name similarity is pure coincidence he says.

    His CV also claims he set up the Ireland operation, which as he has since stated in several places was done to dodge tax. When pressed he will say he was an excellent entreprenuer/naïve/tricked/innocent/ashamed of doing that so left shortly after. But then claims to have stayed as a consultant for 6 years.

    He’s either over-egging the CV or was a tax dodger. Take your pick.




    http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2010/…/ireland-undermines-investment-in-south-africa (see comment thread)

  28. “Keith Fletcher has to be a spoof – maybe a cricket fan?”

    As, I imagine, is “Franklin Scrote” (a spoof, not a cricket fan).

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