Erotic banana eating banned

Eating a banana in an “erotic” manner while being broadcast on live-streams has been banned in China as part of the government’s attempts to crack down on “inappropriate” content on the internet.

Is this because they think that the sight will aid people in violating the one child policy? Or is it because, having lifted the one child policy, they’d prefer people to do rather than watch?

12 thoughts on “Erotic banana eating banned”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t think *eating* the banana is going to risk the One Child policy.

    It is just the absurdity of trying to ban porn. What is porn? Well we know it when we see it. And a High School student doing her thing with a piece of fruit probably qualifies but I would love to see the legal definition that would say so.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Machiavelli – “Bring on the cucumbers, I say.”

    You know, when it comes to fruit and vegetables, I find the cucumber a little unappealing. As someone who owns the relevant part that they dare not show, I prefer to identify with something somewhat warmer in texture such as a banana rather than a cucumber.

    I would be happy with a mango.

    The Turkish Sultans used to have all the cucumbers cut up into pieces before entering the harem. I used to think some people are obviously disturbed. But the internet proves me wrong every day. And, of course, right.

  3. SMFS. The perils of watching German porn is that you can never look at an aubergine in quite the same way afterwords.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Machiavelli – “The perils of watching German porn is that you can never look at an aubergine in quite the same way afterwords.”

    Well the Germans. What can you say? It seems an odd choice of vegetable. They seem a health obsessed bunch so I would have thought they would prefer carrots both for aesthetic reasons and so that they won’t go blind.

    Still, don’t get me started on Japanese porn and the poor innocent octopus. Or Japanese and Korean not-porn and the poor innocent octopus.

    I have just watched the video and I have to say it is not very realistic. She doesn’t cry “You promised!” while rushing to the bathroom to wash her mouth out.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Slightly off topic: that is not the most interesting video on the Daily Mail. I also like this one:

    Having contemplated our Kazakh sisters doing their national service I am willing to reconsider my objection to women in the Armed Forces. But only on certain conditions:

    1. They wear their hair long,
    2. They wear make up, and
    3. They do a nifty dance number every year to express their thanks for all the men serving in the Armed Forces.

    Cute little love heart symbols are optional.

  6. Wow! See that lot attacking, my only thoughts would be “Who wants to accept my surrender? (Stop pushing at the back. There’s a queue here)”

  7. This isn’t unprecedented, four years ago YouTube pulled a similar video of porn star Aurora Snow demonstrating how to make a banana happy citing a violation of their policy on nudity or sexual content.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Banning this sort of thing is pretty clearly Not A Legitimate Function of Government. But then it’s just another point further along the NALFOG spectrum, wherein a large number of people think it unexceptional to dictate the quantity of fizzy pop a person can buy at one time or how much a merchant should be able to charge for a given volume of ethyl alcohol. Nicola Sturgeon, Michael Bloomberg and the ChiComs only differ in the degree of their authoritarian cuntishness, not in the fact of it.

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