Firing tear gas over kitchen rolls: has anyone asked Owen Jones about this?

Young Owen has said that Venezuela’s an interesting place, the policies being followed there have something to tell us about how we should run our own country:

In one of the latest incidents, several hundred people looted a truck carrying kitchen rolls, salt and shampoo after it crashed and some of its load tumbled out in Tachira state on Thursday, according to a local official and witnesses. Fifteen people were injured, including six security officials trying to restrain the crowd, said local civil protection official Luis Castrillon. “There was a big scuffle … There were shots in the air and they fired teargas,” said witness Manuel Cardenas, 40.

Has anyone asked him recently though, is Bolivarian socialism an example of what we should be doing or of what we should not be doing?

12 thoughts on “Firing tear gas over kitchen rolls: has anyone asked Owen Jones about this?”

  1. Standard answer “it’s the wrong sort of socialism. We need to try it again, and harder”

  2. What? They haven’t run out of tear gas yet?
    Must be indispensible to the Bolivarian Socialist Utopia.

  3. Flatcap Army,

    I thought the stock answer with Venezuela is that it’s America’s fault. Those evil suppliers don’t want to sell goods to a company where the value of their sales are 10% of what they were by the time they get paid.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Admittedly the Bolivarian Revolution is turning out as interesting as many predicted. Whatever you can say about Venezuela et al, a country that shoot people for looting toilet paper is interesting. Britain is so boring by comparison. We just go down to the local Tesco and buy some.

  5. Tim, I think the article makes it pretty clear what OJ’s answer to your question would be. It’s one more step in the long march away from his youthful beliefs. The Paul Johnson of the 2030s?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    NickInNeuch – “I think the article makes it pretty clear what OJ’s answer to your question would be.”

    Not sure if OJ has ever heard of Venezuela. He did play football. But Owen? He has not mentioned Venezuela lately has he? I expect that as Political Pilgrims said a long time ago, when the New Utopia fails, the Left forgets that it ever supported them. Venezuela is going down the Memory Chute as we speak.

    A few more months and Owen will claim he never heard of it and besides, the CIA did it.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Off topic, but in the general area of chickens coming home to roost, everyone’s favourite Guardian editor out of the running for a retirement post at the Scott Trust (for now anyway, it looks like they will wait and try again):

    Presiding over Lower Second students is obviously more to his liking – and I notice how the “Deep State” protects its own.

    Meanwhile the RSPCA says it has become too political and confrontational.

    F**k off. They are dead to me and there is nothing they can do to return to good standing short of endorsing fox hunting with hounds. I guess their budget took a hit.

    But I did like this:

    Mr Cooper, who was an RAF corporal, ….’ Praising his staff, he said: ‘Some 1,600 people work for the society and many earn far less than they could do in a commercial world.’

    What do RAF corporals get paid these days?

  8. Flatcap Army

    That is his standard shtick – amazing how little variation there is in his Twitter feed….

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