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Working women aged 22 – 29 (the ‘millennial’ generation) are on average working 1,692 hours a year (136 hours or roughly 18 typical working days more than the rest of the female workforce)

Average age of first birth in the UK is currently around and about 29 or 30.


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  1. Another excerpt tells us that:

    Women in London work 10 working days more per year than the rest of the UK’s female workforce according to new research.

    Women in London are less likely to have kids than those outside. For obvious reasons.

  2. But even if maternity leave or whatever was taken into account I’d still say “So what?” What’s their point?

  3. Martin,

    Housing costs and selection effects.

    Women with children generally move out of London as the kids grow and need more space, whereas single or childless women stay in the city.

    Perhaps you’re wondering why single women would stay in the city? It’s a sensible strategy: a 35 or 40 year old single woman will have a better chance of meeting an eligible single man in London than in e.g. Swindon.

  4. @ Martin (and Andrew M)
    Cost-benefit analysis. When I lived in the City a disproportionate number of my neighbours were single women (ditto for single men), many of them working long hours. For those with a decent salary and reduced leisure time, the ability to walk home in a few minutes was worth the high (relative to suburban rents in those days) rents [I more than trebled my rent when I moved in and have never regretted it]

  5. john77,
    That’s boring. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading the Daily Mail Tim’s blog over the years, it’s that an argument is much more compelling if you can portray it in terms of people trying to get laid.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    1700 hours a year? I’m up to that around the beginning of August. Lazy cows.

  7. God they are lightweights aren’t they? Just checked my last financial year I managed 2521.

  8. @ Andrew M
    Guys and Gals working 70 or more hours a week and doing their own housework *tend* to be boring – I assume that I was except to a few colleagues with an appreciation of “weird”..

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