Get over yourself you damn fool

After insulting and demeaning Mexican people for months and threatening to build an even bigger wall around their border with the US, Trump has come to realize that in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, he has to get Hispanic people to at least consider the possibility that he doesn’t despise them.

This led him to disreputable pandering – such as his recent decision to pose for a photo-op with a taco bowl. It’s a truly tall order, but this picture, co-starring a fried tortilla bowl filled with stuff (which Mr Trump probably thinks is the national dish of Mexico) is sure to go a long way toward bridging the divide.

The picture raises important questions as the undecided voter begins to weigh his or her options for the next president of the US. Join me as I try to answer some of these questions through a combination of blatant conjecture and schoolyard bullying, a method I like to call the Art of the Deal

American elections always feature candidates chowing down on whatever the local food is. You eat corn and some piece of a hog in Iowa, remember not to eat your pizza with a fork in New York and grin over your gumbo in New Orleans. This is just how it is done. Just as with French candidates having to munch through whatever piece of offal is the local specialty in that commune they’re standing in at the meet and greet.

Complaining about the one thing Trump has done which all politicians traditionally do is just whining.

16 thoughts on “Get over yourself you damn fool”

  1. Sam Adams the Dog

    What you’re missing here, Tim, is that a taco bowl is not a Mexican dish. There’s plenty of good Mexican food in NY (which wasn’t always the case), but the taco bowl is served only in restaurants that serve faux Mexican food to Anglos. That’s fine; if people like it, they know where to get it, and Trump, or sometimes even real Mexicans, happily provide it. But it’s not likely to win him very many Hispanic votes. It’s not like Reagan eating at a real Cuban restaurant in Miasma. (Excuse me — I meant Miami.)

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    I thought the taco bowl Tweet was genius. Look at the 75,000 retweets. Look at the yuge free media coverage it got, everywhere from the BBC to Vox. Then look at The Donald’s shit-eating grin.

    Nothing he does is by accident. Donald Trump is the world’s greatest internet troll.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I wonder if this will work for him? I am probably not his target audience.

    But I remember Hilary pretending that she was a regular sort of person by downing a shot with a glass of beer. Pathetic really.

  4. Firstly–The Guardian doesn’t like him. Oh dear. Trump must be having to change his underpants hourly.

    Secondly: Hispanics who work ( and are robbed by tax thieves) are a different group indeed to those who arrive to claim and vote themselves benefits. It is never in the interest of those who work to import freeloaders.

    Blacks also don’t want more Hispanics as their is no love lost between the groups . A number of black areas in American cities have now been taken over by the growing number of Hispanics. The bogus guilt-trip laid on whites doesn’t work on Hispanics.

  5. My understanding was that Trump does rather well with Hispanics and blacks, possibly better than any other GOP candidate managed if what I have read is correct. I had assumed the idea that minorities hate him was an entirely leftist created myth to keep them on the plantations.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    I had assumed the idea that minorities hate him was an entirely leftist created myth to keep them on the plantations.

    It is.

  7. “I remember Hilary pretending that she was a regular sort of person by downing a shot with a glass of beer. Pathetic really.”

    Didn’t she recently say she carried hot sauce in her handbag to try to convince the black vote she was ‘one of them’?

  8. I hope he made a better fist of it than that fop Goldsmith attempting to hold a pint, just like the ordinary little people

  9. A number of studies show that people who have gained citizenship and often the next couple of generations are usually very hard on immigration, in some ways it’s a drawbridge mentality and partly a ‘I survived it so stop whining’ feeling that decreases rather than increases empathy

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I can only watch Trump through my fingers, the way I used to watch Doctor Who when I was six. He is egregious. But entertaining. The “I love Hispanics!” line seems so tone deaf you have to wonder whether he’s being Stupid Like a Fox. But he could just be plain stupid. And the taco bowl thing: most Yanks including those in border States have never had Mexican food. As Ace put it: “The taco bowl has a long history as a Mexican staple, dating all the way back to a TGIF in Irvine, California, in 1997.”

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    This just proves Trump is a generation too late. If he had built the Wall 30 years ago, if Reagan had not tried Amnesty, if the rich of America had not willfully and repeatedly flouted the law so they would not have to employ Black people, Romney would have won in a landslide.

    White America has committed suicide. They had a great country and they threw it away. There is nothing but a long slide into racial war and poverty. You import Third World peasants incapable of maintaining a real country, you end up being a Third World country.

    We are not that far behind them.

  12. Corvus Umbranox


    Out campaigning for Brexit in Wanstead this morning and anecdotal evidence would agree with you. Lots of support from the Carribean and Asian immigrants, and we had a Polish lass in our ranks. Not just about immigration mind, but it’s clearly a big factor.

    Its the white middle class champagne socialists and hipsters that just sneer at us. Lemmings.

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