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Good grief

A well-known actor who won an injunction to hush up claims he slept with a prostitute used by Wayne Rooney is reportedly to be named in the US today.
The married father, whose reputation as a family man has boosted his career as a world-renowned star, allegedly paid escort Helen Wood £195 for sex.
The millionaire then paid a firm of high-powered lawyers tens of thousands of pounds to stop his fans finding out.

I thought so many of us already knew that it was entirely out and about?

Although, since legally it isn’t please don’t try to drop the name in here.

19 thoughts on “Good grief”

  1. I must live a sheltered life. I tend not to be aware of these things and normally would have no more than a brief wry smile sort of interest in them.

    I will say that I find the woman involved quite tasty, but having Rooney’s sloppy seconds doesn’t appeal.

  2. I suspect there are women who would gladly pay that amount to sleep with that well-known actor. Although probably much older women than Helen Wood.

  3. One paper had a nice line in piss – take for this guy, mocking his attempts to dress himself up as a dedicated family man; described him as “the Ryan Giggs of showbiz”. Unfortunately Ryan’s exposure means we’ll need to find another comparative for this family man.

  4. Much as I despise this guy for using an injunction, I have to say that I also despise Helen Wood. When a well-known actor, musician, footballer, etc. gives you money for such services it’s not just for the sex. That guy could easily get sex without paying for it. You’re being given the money to also (a) go your separate ways after he’s finished, and (b) to keep quiet about it.

    (My uncle would say, “What a world it is when you can’t trust prostitutes to keep their mouths shut any more!” But we can ignore what he says seeing as I made him up.)

  5. Tel,
    I’m with you on this, it’s disgraceful behaviour by Wood, and her fellow workers will be horrified by this further damage to their profession.

  6. It could be age-related.

    Famous actor sleeps with 18 year old hooker, she keeps her mouth shut because she has another decade to trade on her looks.

    Famous actor sleeps with 28 year old hooker, she realises she’s fast approaching the end of her career and she stands to gain more by selling her story to the tabloids.

  7. Tel,

    You’re close. The rule is that a prostitute is someone that will love you no matter who you are or what you look like. You don’t pay her for sex, you pay for her to leave after.

    Did the actor in question pay the additional confidentiality agreement? If not that was his fault. Either way, short of the gossip value, there is nothing to see here.

  8. “You don’t pay her for sex, you pay for her to leave after.”

    No, not just that. You pay for her to keep quiet too. No married man would ever use a prozzy if he knew they were going to tell his wife afterwards.

  9. #superinjuction

    Isn’t the Hugh Bonneville story five years old now? Can no one Furnish us with a new one?

    Downton Abbey will never be the same again


  10. Richard Gadsden

    There will certainly be comment on various blogs written by other members of Ms. Wood’s profession that she’s breached the ethics expected of that profession.

    Indeed, if they could strike her off, in the manner that a lawyer or a doctor could be, then this would be something that they would strike her off for.

  11. Having seen the repugnant Miss Wood on TVs I can see why anyone who had associated with her would want to seek an injunction linking them to her if they had paid her for sex or not.
    Seems to be a thoroughly unpleasant and nasty piece of work

  12. “the Ryan Giggs of showbiz”

    Well done Ironman – Nearly a Googlewhack in that it returns only 2 results instead of the required one.

  13. Just looked the guy up. Had never before heard of him nor recognized his picture so the only thing I know him for is that he banged a slapper. These super injunctions really are stupid.

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