Guffaw, snort, applause. Maestro, Maestro! Encore!

9 thoughts on “Guffaw, snort, applause. Maestro, Maestro! Encore!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    By North Korean standards, Venezuela does suffer from abundance.

    But is it a parody account? It is so hard to tell these days.

  2. Yes it’s a parody that’s well worth subscribing to, whoever writes it has got the genre off to a t

  3. As JH says, it’s a parody account. Surprisingly it has fooled some of the biggest news companies.
    It’s written by the Popehat guy, Ken Clark.

  4. Wonderful, that’s on a par with Corbyn’s ‘I’m not antisemitic, that’s just a Jewish conspiracy against me’.

  5. What exactly is incorrect about that statement?

    There is certainly an abundance of socialist economy. The currency is virtually meaningless.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If it wasn’t for the Mad Max level of violence, you could take a trip to Venezuela with a fistful of $5 bills and live like a Maharajah for a month.

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