Sad, angry men sitting in their bedsits in underpants, hating women unattainable to them? Yes, there are plenty of those. But the shock is that most abuse comes from very young women, directed at other women. This is playground behaviour taken to another level, where all the world can see on Facebook or Twitter the petty malice and spite young girls spit out at one another and at other women they envy or resent.

Why? Like the sad angry men, girls lashing out express all their own insecurities and lack of self-esteem. If you hate yourself and your body, if you can’t match the impossible ideal woman imagery all around you, then you lash out to make yourself feel better.

Could be Polly, could be.

Could also be just how us humans are. Absolutely every society has some form of social policing. That’s how we end up with things like the result of the ultimatum game. People are willing to punish others even at cost to themselves for violating social norms. And it just could be that that’s how societies work.

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  1. What the fuck do these people expect? Posting on the internet’s the equivalent of scrawling messages on a public convenience wall.
    As for “reclaim the internet”. Speaking as a veteran of Usenet, it was never “your” internet to reclaim. Quite happy with it as an anarchic playground for adults, thanks very much. Perhaps you should fuck off & invent your own one.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    On the other hand some people are just naturally nasty and rude and Teh Interwebs provides them with an anonymous(ish) outlet.

    I have met many attractive and intelligent women down the years who are simply horrible people but have no apparent need to be so.

  3. And a suggestion for Pollytwat:
    If she directs all her maunderings to her own documents folder, she can spend happy, untroubled hours gazing up her own anus. Suggest the poisonous Yvette does the same.

  4. So the women who are posting ‘misogynist’ comments (often nothing of the sort) are pushed to do it by … men?

    Truly, the Patriarchy is the root of all evil!

  5. @JuliaM

    You’ve got it. When men are bad, it’s because they are bad, when women are bad it’s because a bad man made them do it.

  6. Do any of you know of hordes of sad angry men sitting at home in their underpants hating women because they can’t get them?

    I don’t, and I know a few who are single and older (and unlikely to hook up now) and they all get out and into other stuff. The younger ones do sport and work.

    Where are these mythical creatures.

    I suppose the answer is I don’t see them because they are sitting at home in their underpants!

    Is this stereotype a figment of the deluded Polly’s imagination.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Are men who eschew underpants generally nicer to women?

    There’s the making of a doctoral thesis here!

  8. I thought that this finding would cause a few right on heads to explode. Women being nasty to other women, that can’t be right, women are all sweetness and light and fart rainbows smelling of flowers!

    But, like the Guardian question TW posts about above, you can bet your bottom dollar that the usual suspects will draw entirely the wrong conclusions – namely that a) Venezuela didn’t have ‘real’ socialism, thats why its a fuck up, and b) Women are only do nasty things to other women because nasty men made them do it (or gave them false consciousness or some other daft shit).

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    You would expect that women are nasty to other women. Especially younger women towards other younger women and older women towards younger women. They are competing for the same pool of men.

    Hence, in fact, that the insults they level at each other tend to revolve around their sexual worth to men – calling another woman a “slut” is to reduce her value to men. That is why they do it.

    So I guess I have to agree with Polly. Ultimately it is about men.

    Still, on the other hand perhaps that great philosopher of American life, Al Bundy, is right: “Don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.”

  10. @SMfS
    “You would expect that women are nasty to other women.”
    Having spent years watching women interact, my experience is women are regularly nasty to each other at a spectrum only the extremest psychopathic males manage. With most blokes, the exchange would have developed into physical violence under similar provocation. Not saying that doesn’t happen with women, too. But they tend to go straight for the kill, rather than settle for mere injury or maiming.

  11. The Graun is – not surprisingly – spectacularly dishonest about its own role in this. It encourages halfwitted female writers to produce reams of drivel, which acts as clickbait and encourages readers to note how stupid and pointless these women and their opinions are. The Graun then becomes terribly moralistic about ‘sexist trolling’.

    And it also deliberately conflates rape threats by nutters* with justifiable if harsh BTL criticism of downright idiocy.

    *I am suspicious about this. No-one seems to be quoted or reported to the rozzers.

  12. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    Extraordinary, isn’t it? Polly searches for the answer, trips over the solution, bangs her head on it, stands up, trips over again, falls over, trips over it again, and then points to the horizon and says, “Look, a man! It must be over there!”

    It’s a pattern repeated again and again with the left.
    “Let’s have the minimum wage!”
    “Hey, – why are all these coffee shops shutting?”

    “Let’s have rent controls!”
    “Hey, – why are there no flats available for rent anymore?”

    “Let’s not discipline our children, and instead treat them like they are precious snowflakes.”
    “Hey, – I’ve just been sacked as a lecturer because my students said I’m too white!”

    “Let’s get rid of all the police! Everyone will just be really nice to each other.”
    “I’ve just been mugged! Where the hell were the police?”

  13. “Having spent years watching women interact, my experience is women are regularly nasty to each other at a spectrum only the extremest psychopathic males manage. With most blokes, the exchange would have developed into physical violence under similar provocation.”

    I have this theory that the amount of ‘nasty’ in the male and female population is identical in aggregate, its just distributed differently.

    The male population contains more persons of true downright evilness, the mass murderers, the military dictators, the rapists, the child killers etc etc. Thus the rest of the male population has reduced ‘nasty’ levels, to make up for the the long tail effects of the truly evil men.

    Whereas woman are more broad brush. There’s less long tail effects,, and the ‘nasty’ is spread across the entire mass of the female population.

    Thus you can explain what one sees – men by and large rub along together without too much hassle, but have a small % of their gender who are responsible for the majority of the evil behaviour in society, whereas woman are incredibly bitchy to each other at a personal sort of level, but no woman ends up murdering 5m Jews or starving half her country to death like Mao.

  14. ‘if you can’t match the impossible ideal woman imagery all around you’

    Whereas male models on TV and in print ads are ugly and obese . . . uhh . . . wait . . . what?

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock – “Whereas male models on TV and in print ads are ugly and obese . . . uhh . . . wait . . . what?”

    Lancelot is impossibly heroic. James Bond is impossibly ruthless. He Man is impossibly buff. Heroes are rarely mediocre middle aged suburbanites.

    But facts have no place in a Polly-article

  16. I was a school governor for 15 years from the 1990s and girl-on-girl bullying was a much bigger problem than boy-on-anyone bullying. I also actually attended school as a child as well in the 1980s, and even as a child observed that girl-on-girl bullying was a bigger problem than boy-on-anybody bullying.

  17. No wonder these old men are so angry and spiteful. It can’t be comfortable having a bedsit in your underpants.

  18. Bloke in Germany

    @Meissen Bison,

    I volunteer to be a research subject for the full three years of the doctorate. In fact, make it part time and I’m available for 6 years, for a nominal fee. Just don’t assign me to the control group

  19. I teacher I know that teaches junior
    School often says that she has more problems with girls because it’s usually psychological and social bullying, such as exclusion, which is much harder to spot and deal with while the boys usually just have the occasional fight and it’s all down with.
    One of the problems is that the parents of the precious little girls that are being the bitchiest usually don’t even see what their kids are doing as bullying even if you try telling them.

  20. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I am a statistical outlier. I sit at home sad and angry but, crucially, without underpants.

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