MPs could lose the right to employ their wives and other family members after the expenses watchdog found their pay has risen twice as fast as ordinary members of staff.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority found that family members employed by MPs earn an average of £5,600 more than other staff and have seen their salaries rise at twice the rate of other workers.

What. A. Surprise.

But banning their employment isn’t the solution. For these are the people we elect to try to legislate for the country. We should get to see quite how stupid and venal they are.

4 thoughts on “Ho hum”

  1. For a bunch of things, like this – things that might be OK, but might also be unacceptable, we should bring back the pre-WWI practice of requiring the MP to face the voters in a by-election. If they can justify it to their electorate, then they can carry on. If not, then their replacement should get the hint.

  2. IIRC some MPs already have the solution to this thanks to the expenses scandal – employ each others family members rather than their own.

  3. What Gareth said!
    Prohibiting this sort of thing just forces the practitioners to find new and improved ways to pilfer.

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