How about some real corruption for Ritchie?

Two people have been killed in a mass brawl at a Moscow cemetery, apparently in a dispute about jobs, police say.
Russian news reports said up to 200 people took part in the brawl at the south-west Khovanskoye cemetery, the largest in the city.
Police said the victims died after being run over by others trying to escape the scene in their cars.
The Russian interior ministry said more than 50 people were arrested, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported.
The ministry also confirmed that the fight involved firearms, although there were no reports of shooting injuries.
Police spokeswoman Sofya Khotina said police believe the brawl was caused by a territorial dispute between two different groups of cemetery workers.

No, it was between two gangs over who gets to collect the burial fees. and isn’t that a nice example of proper corruption rather than the definition the Sage of Ely wants us to swallow: which is corruption is people paying less tax than the Sage of Ely thinks they should pay.

5 thoughts on “How about some real corruption for Ritchie?”

  1. Tim. Maybe I’m a bit sensitive at the mo (my best pal’s boy has died) but this is a pretty tasteless post.

  2. My apologies to all. My point is that it is unfair to blame even Richie for everything.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well, I had to beat someone down with a shovel to get the fees his family had to pay.

    OK, BiF, I admit that was in even poorer taste.

  4. It’s OK, SMFS, I’ve got over myself.

    Fuck, that’s Yorick! And his family are still renting the plot. Rebury him quick, and don’t tell anyone, even Richie!

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    The Gangs turned out to be from the Northern Caucasus and from Central Asia. I wonder if the former is not a polite way of saying Chechen.

    But it is nice to see immigration enriching Russia too.

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