Mad consumerist extravaganza

Had the teeth fiddled with again this morning and driven by the excess of the resultant cocaine in the bloodstream exploded into a consumerist frenzy. The local second hand clothes shop, where all the stuff that Oxfam and the rest can’t sell in the UK comes to, was having a sale. Six pairs of trousers, a t-shirt and a kagoulish type jacket later I am down 80 Ks. And at least half the haul is M&S in good condition.

80 Ks being about £2.50, £2.60 maybe.

Now the question is how do I get the wife to think that this is in indeed a consumerist frenzy and that she can go and spend £2.50 on clothes any time she likes?

10 thoughts on “Mad consumerist extravaganza”

  1. Send her to the same shop, but tell her that the exchange rate is 100x higher than it actually is. She’ll think she spent £30 per item, which will feel about right.

    Don’t bother revealing the truth. If/when she does find out, tell her that a terrible economic crisis has just befallen the country. Or just hand over the £247.50 that you saved.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    So you don’t wear the same pair until they’re so crusted with filth you can snap them over your knee? It’s not unheard of for tolerably affluent people to have more than one of each item of clothing, you know.

  3. @ dearieme
    If your wife is concerned about colour-co-ordination then you need a pair of trousers that is compatible with each of the shirts/T-shirts that she has bought for you (so, excluding my business suits, I have six, albeit that includes three shades of blue).

  4. If you buy 6 you don”t have to go shopping again as soon.

    I must say I am jealous of the price. The local clothing resellers rarely offer pants for less than $5 a pair.

  5. @ Liberal Yank
    Have you tried being an unfashionable shape? You get a better deal: I can still remember buying a (new) Harris Tweed sports jacket for £8 in Oxford (I was probably assisted by the label on the jacket mis-stating its size, but anyone else my size would have found that it was a good fit).

  6. one needs to own 5 pairs of trousers so that when you leave the 5 pairs with one’s doorman on saturday for the dry cleaner to return saturday night you have clean trousers for the workweek. the 6th pair are jeans to wear on the weekend, which the dry cleaner handles on monday

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