Milo is gay?


Say it’s not so!

24 thoughts on “Milo is gay?”

  1. Gay – and an adherent of the church of Rome.

    Many gays are right-wing – eg David Thompson, Matthew Parris.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Matthew Parris is about as right wing as a glass of soy milk.

    Milo isn’t gay. He’s homofabulous.

  3. I’d say that Matthew Parris is still right-of-centre — just!

    In which we disclose our own “political centers of gravity” (for want of a better expression).

    As another follower of Parris’s Speccy coiumn, I’m with Steve – he’s a soppingly wet, dripping leftie…

  4. Of late, MP has definitely been soggy. But it is hardly unreasonable to classify him as RoC – given his views on welfare dependency, the NHS or deficit reduction – though it might be false.

    And, btw PF, the location of the centre can vary, and some politicians (eg Margaret Thatcher, pbuh) can move it, but that doesn’t make the location of the centre subjective. (No more than the fact that a mountain can be viewed from an infinite number of points makes its existence subjective.) We know from polling roughly what the centre of the British electorate favours, and I’d say MP is a little to the right of that — though I might be wrong.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I like the term homofabulous – and I am happy to identify this man with the term of his choice.

    But it is a bit odd that he is such a walking Gay cliche. I mean, it is handy because he is so obviously flaming it makes the feminists who go into hysterics over everything he says look silly. They would have a stronger case if he looked more mainstream or heterosexual.

    But you would think that the Gay culture was a lot more diverse. Unless of course it is not a culture but a genetic or hormonal issue.

  6. I would say it was his shtick, personally.

    (And as I’m not Jewish, I’ll turn myself in for cultural appropriation.)

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Roue le Jour – “I would say it was his shtick, personally.”

    Is that another reference to Black men?

    “(And as I’m not Jewish, I’ll turn myself in for cultural appropriation.)”

    Except Yiddish is a Germanic language. So clearly the Jews who speak it are engaged in cultural appropriation of their own. So they should stop. Because.

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