Nice line

“To call this fascism doesn’t do justice to fascism. Fascism had, in some measure, an ideology and occasional coherence that Trump utterly lacks.”

Andrew Sullivan.

And probably true. A fascist can be a populist but a populist doesn’t need to be a fascist.

20 thoughts on “Nice line”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Sullivan’s back on the manic part of his cycle, I see.

    So the guy who just a few years ago was shamelessly shilling for war in the Middle East – he even wanted to nuke Iraq – is now crying about “fascism”.

    Top kek.

  2. Fascism does have an ideology–Socialism.

    Trump is becoming the American Brexit. A magnet for every lying cunt on the continent.

    There has to be a BBC series in this years events. “Fantasy Fulla Shit League” is my suggestion for the title. A revived Call My Bluff sadly sans Robert Robinson, Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell. And anything else smacking of style, manners or common sense.

    Two teams compete to tell the most outrageous and destructive lies imaginable about important matters. Whoever is the biggest liar wins.

    The Truth doesn’t get a look-in.

  3. Mr Ecks, they already have a show like that on Radio 4. It’s called The News Quiz.

  4. bloke in france

    So a fascist would prefer Fascism to Trump. Sounds coherent. Or have I missed something?

  5. Peter MacFarlane

    Sullivan is an arrogant establishment elitist.

    You could summarise his recent articles about Trump quite succinctly thus: “How dare the little people disagree with the anointed?”

  6. @Peter MacFarlane

    I dunno about Sullivan but you’re employing the general line of attack against anyone who attacks Trump from a ‘right-wing’ perspective. The trouble is that it ignores the fact that the reason that many such people are attacking Trump is because he’s a stupid, incoherent, inconsistent, narcissistic liar who has demonstrably shat all over lots of ‘little people’ (including his own wives) throughout his life. The ‘all for the little people’ line is gettign ever harder to push now that Boehner is banging on about their golfing and texting love-ins, too.

    Cruz has issues but he’s much closer to the people than any of the other candidates. I’d say (however fucking insane he is) that Bernie’s closer than Trump. Hillary might even be.

  7. Sullivan has no idea what fascism means. He lists attributes of totalitarian government as if that’s what fascism is.

    Belligerent, vociferous ignorance.

  8. The Inimitable Steve:

    Say what you like about Sullivan, but he’s right that Trump is a goon. With your comedic talents, Steve, Trump (like Hillary) is a great opportunity. Go for it…

    Otherwise, what Interested said.

  9. Fascism doesn’t have much of an ideology. It is largely ruthlessly pragmatic within a certain MO. There is no doubt Trump deploys fascist rhetoric, but he is too individualistic to be a fascist. Clinton is in many respects much more fascistic in terms of her statist beliefs and how these should be imposed on families, usually via the poorest first.

  10. “Cruz has issues but he’s much closer to the people than any of the other candidates.”

    Yeah, if only those stupid morons weren’t allowed to vote, Cruz would have it all sewn up.

  11. Trump strikes me as being against the fascist bureaucracy that chokes American business. Is he against it? Will he do anything to stop it? No way to know.

  12. Wow, Cruz supporters. I have to ask: Once there is no IRS, and hence virtually zero revenue coming in, why does he bother cutting spending by $50 billion a year? We’ll end up with spending cuts of $3.4+ trillion without any work.

    “Trump strikes me as being against the fascist bureaucracy that chokes American business.”

    What concerns me is which portion of the fascist bureaucracy he is against. If it is the part that prevented him from using eminent domain to steal an old woman’s house then I will pass.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    The Right is going through the Five Stages of Grief. Andrew “Bug Chasing” Sullivan is clearly still very early on in the process.

    We need to move this along. Yes we were all angry, we have tried denial, I am sure that a lot of people still think they can bargain some sort of block at the Convention but it won’t work.

    Trump is going to be the Republican nominee.

    The question is whether he is going to be worse than Hilary? I don’t see how anyone on the Right can plausibly claim so. They are more or less the same when it comes down to it. But Trump has let a lot fewer soldiers and diplomats be killed. And he is probably marginally less corrupt.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    So Cruz is out and Trump is the nominee.

    From which I conclude Cruz reads this blog.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Even though everyone is pushing Hilary on the Democratic Party, even though Sanders cannot win, he still won more votes than Clinton. This is bizarre. Even Democrats don’t like her.

    Watch the enthusiasm gap – it looks like Trump got more votes than Sanders and Hilary combined. Not in a hard core Republican state but in middle America.

    Trump may win this after all.

  16. What is the alternative?

    The Vile Cunt will duck the FBI and prove that she is an untouchable evil. Before she even gets stuck in to the country proper.

    Sanders uses the name of mass-murder and tyranny and openly expresses his support for such a creed.

    Ted “Grandpa Munster” Cruz is an owned establishment hack who–in the unlikely event that he won–would spend five years in the Oval Toilet doing what Repub Pressies do. Wrapping his gob around the left’s dick while videos of him talking tough play on various media. Does anybody think Cruz might actually– like– abolish Obamacare? It will still be there when his pointless and disappointing 5 years came to an end along with American Bankruptcy, endless war, migrants etc.

    Trump may be no better. But if he betrays then he removes the last political safety-valve. People will realise that bullets are surer than ballots –and easier to count.

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