Non party political

Danny Dorling:

A few weeks ago the non-party political London Fairness Commission, of which I am a member

Not party political:

Lord Victor Adebowale
Chief Executive of Turning Point

Can’t even get his own title right.

Megan Dobney
Regional Secretary for SERTUC

Sean Baine
Chair of The Equality Trust

Ann Pettifor
Director of Policy Research

Caroline Murphy
Campaigner for social justice

There’s more of course but this is non-party political in the sense that they’ll disagree about whether to shoot or hang the kulaks.

13 thoughts on “Non party political”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Can’t even get his own title right

    Are you saying he’s not the son of a duke?

  2. Caroline Murphy!?

    I would ask if there is a connection, but Ritchie’s wife would definitely insist on being referred to as ‘Dr’.

  3. God not another bunch of self important leeches just read the about us bit on their site it makes me want urge.

  4. The London Kittens and Ice Cream Commission, in fact a front group for Marxists and Common Purpose wankers.

  5. Jonathan Portes; as seen last night on Newsnight.

    “I live in Islington” he said; ” you do surprise me” replied another panellist and half a million viewers.

  6. The Thought Gang

    Jesus Fucking Christ

    Ok. New game. Who can invent the most bollocks-sounding imaginary organisation made up of the most bollocks-sounding imaginary people from some other bollocks-sounding imaginary organisations and get a bollocks-sounding imaginary press-release written up by the Grauniad and retweeted by Natalie Bennett.

  7. TTG

    At least the sheer number of honorifics will mean there will be space between the lists of those who need hanging (which includes every single person signing this shit) when the reckoning comes with these people, as it surely has to do if humanity is to have a future…

  8. Can’t even write proper English on their own web page:

    ” With the election on 5 May 2016, we issued a challenge to make London fairer the new London Mayor.”

    Fairer than the new Mayor? To the Mayor? wtf??

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