OK, shut down this civilisation, we need another one

Lidl has recalled three of its products after failing to list potentially deadly allergens on the packaging.

The supermarket is asking customers to return Bavarian Style Smoked Cheese with Ham, Bread Baking Mix and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts.

Each item contains wheat, rye, barley (gluten), milk or hazelnuts which are not mentioned in English on the label.

Cheese that contains milk, bread grain, nut chocolate nuts……err…..

18 thoughts on “OK, shut down this civilisation, we need another one”

  1. Consumers are free to ignore the recall, and I’m sure they will. As for the remaining packets in the shop, a few minutes spent applying the relevant warning stickers will solve that problem.

  2. “wheat, rye, barley (gluten), milk OR hazelnuts”

    so the cheese doesn’t necessarily contain it.

  3. The Pedant-General

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

    Can’t remember if it was HHGTTG or one of the Dirk Gently books, but Douglas Adams had a character who gave up on civilisation on the basis that he had found instructions printed on a packet of toothpicks. And the “Nuts. Contains Nuts” labelling.

    That was 20-30 years ago…

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The gluten thing really pisses me off. If you are one of the few people who are gluten-intolerant, then yes, you shouldn’t eat it (if you have cœliac disease, you really shouldn’t eat it). But now gluten-free diets have been hyped by the Mail, Cosmo etc., lots of normies are doing them too, which means cutting out a superb source of nutrition.

  5. If you really are gluten-intolerant or cœliac, then wouldn’t you have learned by now to carefully read the list of ingredients so as to avoid a couple of days of the trots?

  6. Someone should show us a Venn diagram of
    people with allergies to x
    people who buy unusual mixes that might contain x
    people who don’t read the label
    people who do read the label.

    At a guess, one person has taken it back to the shop for a refund. The other has just binned it. And 99 people are calling the ambulance chasers even if they are fit as fleas.

  7. It is of course, the EU behind all of this again with the allergen labelling regulations for pre-packaged foodstuffs. The EU has complete ‘competency’ over the control of the food chain from ‘farm to fork’. This of course means that manufacturer risk assessments and common sense are displaced by positive lists of; ingredients, packaging materials, permitted additives, labelling, health claims, the list goes on, as of course do the growing costs for compliance, which will inevitably be passed on to the consumer. At least if we vote leave, we can if we wish cherry pick the sensible legislation from the red tape wrapping, at least for domestically consumed foods.

  8. My wife is gluten intolerant so we have learned to check the ingredients of anything readymade.It is inconvenient at times trying to read very small print on badly printed labels .But cheese contains milk ? Who does not know this?It really has got to the stage where a lot of people have lost the ability to survive without a carer on hand at all times. How did we manage as a species to evolve such stupidity?

  9. How did we manage as a species to evolve such stupidity?

    The changes in (modern, Weatern) society have prevented it having the lethal and often Darwin Award consequences it used to attract.

  10. The Thought Gang

    That sounds like quite a posh cheese. I bet a lot of people didn’t rewlise you can get quite posh sounding cheese in Lidl. They know now though. So it’s handy how this has worked out for Lidl.. a super-low cost supermarket who sell things just as posh-sounding as Sainsburys.

  11. The Thought Gang said:
    “That sounds like quite a posh cheese.”

    A simple rule in life is never to eat anything German.

  12. ‘The changes in (modern, Weatern) society have prevented it having the lethal and often Darwin Award consequences it used to attract.’

    The West’s success has led to decadence.

    Read: ‘From Dawn to Decadence’ Jacques Barzun

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