Questions in the Australian newspapers we can answer

Replacing the French:

What will it take to stop sexism in French politics?

4 thoughts on “Questions in the Australian newspapers we can answer”

  1. Nope, just do what’s been done elsewhere: Hound the perpetrators, either through the law or through the media, and eventually the creeps will stop entering politics. After a couple of generations, France will be left with an asexual manboy like Ed Milliband.

    Look at Trump: if he’d entered American politics at a junior level, he’d have been pushed out long ago under accusations of sexism, racism, and other -isms yet to be invented. The only reason we have Trump is because he bypassed all the lower rungs and went straight to the top.

  2. If you think our media is ‘Progressive’, Australia’s is ten times worse. The change in Australian culture in a single generation is remarkable.

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