This confirms the axiom that economists prove their sense of humor by using decimal points.

5 thoughts on “Quite so”

  1. “Although none of these, in spring 2008, foresaw the crisis of autumn 2008, they now predict, with remarkable precision, economic damage to Britain’s economy, the world’s fifth-largest, if it is detached from the stagnation of the E.U.”

    That’s good; I didn’t realise Yankee newspapers could write anything so readable.

  2. From the comments:

    The UK exercises considerable influence on world affairs through its membership in the EU.

    I could understand European affairs but I’m fairly certain British global influence was far greater before the EU began evolving.

  3. Why would Great Britain want to influence world affairs. Hong Kong and New Zealand don’t go round trying this on, yet they are having incredible influence e.g. New Zealand’s policies on farming, prostitution, and conservation get mentioned everywhere there is a debate.
    It seems the less influence you try to have, the more you have.

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