So here’s a serious question about dick size

No, really, this is serious:

Relatives of the donor involved in the first successful penis transplant in the U.S. say they are opting to remain anonymous.

Alexandra Glazier, CEO of the New England Organ Bank, says the family of the donor – who had died – is praying for recipient Thomas Manning’s continued recover.

Glazier says the family indicates that Manning’s well-being is helping them cope as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

And here’s the serious question: does size matter?

No, really, I’m being serious. This is the first time that a choice, in the US at least, could be or has been made. Yes, sure, there’s things like tissue matching and so on. Donor availability.

But this is an interesting point to ask. Does size matter? Has the recipient (who lost his dick to cancer) asked about this? Have the surgeons even considered it?

No, not is dick size something that we, ourselves (whether male or female), think important. But, as economists always like to ask: was it considered important in this decision making process?

We’ll never be told but would be interesting to know……

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  1. As the joke goes: the surgeon advised the patient to choose the length he wanted, all the way up to 10 inches, but it would cost £1,000 an inch. As the op. was not available on the NHS, only privately, he should discuss the size and cost with his wife.

    The next day the patient was back. “I’ve discussed it with my wife….. and we’re having a new kitchen.”

  2. How would anyone know? I don’t think there’s a “hung like a [horse] [harbour seal] [hamster]?” question on the average donor card.

  3. The things people recycle nowadays! If it’s council approved I’m sure I’ve got some old jokes laying around somewhere.

  4. Recently in a clients engineering workshop and someone mentioned about having 9″ cock. One of the fitters says “I fucking wish I had a 9″ cock instead of this fucking thing” as he slapped away at his right knee. The whole workshop was crying with laughter. So yeah cock size matters. In the mind.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    We’ll never be told but would be interesting to know……

    Actually no, not really.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    The problem is that so few women have had sufficient experience to make an informed judgement. I mean, the difference between a good day and a bad day, the difference between when a man gives a sh!t and when he is in a hurry or even just wants to get it over, is going to be vastly more important than mere size.

    I expect a lot of Gays have had enough experience and Size Queens do seem to be a Gay phenomenon. But it does not follow that they do so for the same reasons women do.

    It matters to various degrees to men. After all, you could have a reduction if you wanted to. Science can do that. Anyone want to? Didn’t think so. On the other hand, the penis itself is held back by some small muscles into an “s” shape. Doctors can cut those muscles which is supposed to give an inch or two more. Anyone care enough to do it? Didn’t think so either. Perhaps if we found a Magic Lamp with a genie inside, we might ask for some more. But it would be far far down the list of wishes for most of us I expect. (Come to think of it, perhaps someone ought to check the size of any Leicester City fans have a WAG who looks flustered recently).

    Still, no male stripper has ever advertised himself as “normal” much less “small”.

  7. Isn’t this going to be a revealed preference? The more of these operations that occur, the more data will be presented to answer your question……

  8. Size flacid is no indication of size erect. Size erect will be influenced by blood supply and condition of the vessels (see Viagra) which varies between individuals, and in any case it would require size erect to have been measured on the doner who being dead would make that, tricky if not a criminal offence, so there could be no useful data about this to influence decision making process.

    However the size of the recipients current dick was zero, therefore anything above that would be a positive factor in the decision making process.

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