So you did well as a political wife did you Justine?

How to survive as a political wife – my advice for Sophie Trudeau
Justine Thornton

In general people recall two things about your time on the political stage. One was the rather cringeworthy revelations of who your future husband had been fucking before you set your cap at him. The second was the very cringworthy two kitchens affair.

From which you’re offering advice?

10 thoughts on “So you did well as a political wife did you Justine?”

  1. Justin

    Samantha Cameron seems to be doing alright. Perhaps Sophie should seek her advice instead.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Given that Justine’s marriage took place after the birth of her children and Ed’s elevation to the Labour leadership, she is better qualified to give advice on being a political concubine.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Ms Trudeau has to survive as the wife of the PM. Having been elevated from being the wife of a part-time drama teacher.

    This is not likely to be a problem Ms Thornton will ever face

  4. @ Ironman
    It is a pity that Clementine Churchill did not write the definitive work. Sophie Trudeau also married into a political dynasty.

  5. My advice for Sophie Trudeau:

    1) Don’t do what your mother-in-law did. Or if you do, don’t let anyone find out.
    2) Keep a gassed-up 737 on the runway in case the Canucks ever come to their senses and start erecting a guillotine.

  6. I think it’s rather sweet having a second kitchen for the servants to use. Those grasping bastards on Downton Abbey had only the one.

  7. I think it’s rather sweet having a second kitchen for the servants to use.

    ISTR the Milibands had a third kitchen for that.

  8. The wife of the Canadian prime minister has complained that she needs more staff to carry out her duties.

    The problem, of course, is that she doesn’t have any “duties.” To the extent she is active, she is embarking on the next election campaign, and there’s no reason for taxpayers to foot the bill for that.

  9. “more staff to carry out her duties”: on this topic I suspect the Canadians hold rather USian opinions. I heard a story of a Canadian becoming VC of a British university, and when he got there asked where was the office and staff for his wife.

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