Some friends doing some crowdfunding

What is Russia Insider?
A VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT – An alternative news publication, driven by regular folks and citizen journalists from all over the world, leading the fight for honest journalism taming the trillion dollar, co-opted corporate media beast.

We’re up to 15 paid staff now, still working out of our apt/office in Moscow. We’ve got over 300 volunteers from all over the world, publishing about 20 articles/day with blistering success.

Entirely barking mad of course but one of them is a mate of long standing.

6 thoughts on “Some friends doing some crowdfunding”

  1. Tim

    Now even less likely I would sit down with you for a cup of tea unless hermetically sealed in a lead suit.

  2. ‘honest journalism’

    Communism always fails. Communists persist because they think it failed because it wasn’t done by people like them.

    Here we have naïve journalists who believe they can do journalism honestly. How successful can naïve journalists be? How long before they are corrupted, and do journalism like everyone else?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t know. I can see a business model – Wait until you have annoyed Putin enough that he is willing to toss you some cash but not enough that he wants to kill you. Take the cash and run.

    Rinse and repeat.

    I wonder what killing that man in London actually cost. I bet it was in millions.

  4. i cannot see for the life of me how that can possibly work as a business, even if the 15 paid staff are paid tuppence.

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