The Daily Mail really are cards, aren’t they?

Who’s Hugh’s date? It’s Mrs Bonneville! Downton Abbey star shows off his fun side in shades as he’s joined by wife Lulu at the TV BAFTA Awards

It was the Telegraph which used to do this of course….

9 thoughts on “The Daily Mail really are cards, aren’t they?”

  1. Someone at Guido’s reminded that the Daily Mail posted in 2011…

    “Hugh’s devotion to wife Lulu is so strong it is understood he is known to fellow thespians as the Ryan Giggs of the showbusiness world, after the famously family-orientated footballer”

  2. I don’t get it. What’s the back story?
    Is he (ahem) batting for the other team and his wife is cover?

  3. Philip Scott Thomas


    Head over to Guido Fawkes’ blog and have a look at the ‘Seen Elsewhere’ section. A link to a NY Observer article is currently seventh in the list.

  4. Pcar,

    That link to the Sun is bloody genius.

    Bonneville’s Dr Stockmann is determined the townsfolk should know, whether in print or at a public hearing, of this perversion and of those who would prostitute themselves to hide the truth.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Is it worth pointing out that I had no idea who this man was until this blog mentioned him?

    The Streisand effect indeed.

  6. I couldn’t give a shit what he gets up to and I think it’s a shame anyone else does, bar his wife.

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