The debt we owe to Richard Murphy


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  1. Church bells can be heard ringing across the country. Out of curiosity, Tim, did Brenda Matthews over on the TRUK site point you in the direction of the HMRC publication you linked to? I know her well….

  2. No….she reminded me of its existence, yes. But I first saw it on the sadly departed FCA blog. So, a quick Google to find it again this morning.

  3. Aside from enjoyment of hoisting Murphy, everybody already said avoidance is legal and you have said no more here.

  4. @Tim – Glad to have jogged your memory. I mean Brenda is. HMRC bought out that as a direct response to the sort of nonsense Murphy and his ilk were spouting at the time. It’s the world-weary tone of “that’s not tax avoidance, it’s just the way corporation tax works” that I most sympathise with.

  5. Sweet Jesus, Dunning-Kruger out in full force today.

    In response to Anth telling Murphy his Oxfam analysis is going to haunt him:

    “I can live with that

    Being right is a comfortable place to be

    And you can’t domestically avoid a government endorsed domestic tax arrangement”

    I mean, just WTF???

  6. Lizardking

    It’s one of the most moronic posts I have ever seen (and that is against some very stiff competition) – but no doubt all will be forgotten and he will return to find another hobby horse to ride next week…..

  7. VP – I love his end note (in an attempt, I’m sure, to convince himself rather than anyone else):

    “I really am on the right side here”

  8. Superb. Nice work Tim.

    Although I’m not sure I agree with you that none of it is tax avoidance. My view is it’s all tax avoidance, and that’s fine.

  9. Lizardking, I suspect he means “I am on the side of the right people here”, and that therefore anything he says to defend them must be wise and righteous.

  10. Ritchie complains that PWC are doing a conference in a building owned by Opus Dei.

    The man who sells his books in Amazon, but says they are bad.
    The man who uses Apple products, but says they are bad.
    The man who flies round the world to talk to a room of 10 people, but says flying is bad.

    However, this is most funny:

    “All talks will take place in the Lord Ashcroft Building on Anglia Ruskin’s Cambridge campus, are free to attend, and no booking is required.”

    I wish I’d know, I’d have flown in just to get a photo of him in front of that building.

  11. You have reminded me of the late lamented FCAblog – was it the Murphmeister who outed him and complained to his employers?

  12. Flatcap Army

    It was – Murphy has a penchant for stool pigeons – they are an essential part of his ‘Curajus State’ vision


    Given his resemblance to various fringe crank conspiracy theorists I wouldn’t be surprised if he used the ‘Da Vinci code’ as source material – it would be more substantial than his claims over ‘The Tax Gap’ for example….

  13. Murphy has called me bizzare. I must add that to my CV. 🙂

    So, what is it called when I avoid, oops musn’t call it that, err, not pay any tax on the first £10k of my income because the law has been concisously written by the government to state that I avoid, oops, do not pay any tax on the first £10k of my income.

  14. “everybody already said avoidance is legal and you have said no more here.”

    Ah, yes but this has put the ‘spirit of the law’ issue to bed. We now know thanks to Richard Murphy (Pbuh) that if HMRC are happy with your tax affairs you are indeed tax compliant with not only the letter, but also the spirit of the law, and no complaints can be made about the morality (or not) of ones actions.

    It collapses everything back to tax evasion (naughty naughty, go straight to jail) and tax avoidance (Within the law, OK with HMRC, therefore perfectly ethical behaviour).


  15. Oh, and we also now know that if your tax affairs look slightly suspect, and people raise the question as to whether they are completely above board and beyond reproach, and HMRC declines to investigate and/or prosecute you, then this also means your affairs are squeaky clean.

    Its quite clear, the Tax Oracle has declared it so.

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