The man just gets it right sometimes, just right

The next day — the very next day — my neighbor sent us pictures of the bird that had moved into the house. It reminded me that Spring, and a boy becoming a man, occurs first very slowly, then all at once.

RTWT. Not because it’s perfect, or great but just because it’s just right.

13 thoughts on “The man just gets it right sometimes, just right”

  1. That’s a pretty sad comment Arnald. I compliment a piece of writing elsewhere and you just accuse me of penis envy?

    Jeez, normally I put up with you but fuck off back to flipping burgers would you and make sure your dick hits that hot grill while you’re about it.

  2. Tim – Arnald being a lefty, is just a cunt, an obnoxious cunt at that. I liked that piece as well, so there.

  3. Looking at the other two posts (other threads), maybe it’s the other way round?

    Perhaps the poor bugger’s just come off duty – and simply had a really shit day?

  4. Normally, I lay off Arnald, too. Jesters have a function, after all. Still, an explanation for his canard which reflects well on the man would be welcome.

    Stop being so tribunal-ly, Lid.

  5. I’ve got it. Arnald was being endearingly coarse.

    Reminds me of 1988. Boy at school called ‘Melamud’. Somehow or other, a craze erupted for scratching on any available surface the phrase “MEL ’88”. it went on for weeks and we all thought it was a hoot.

    One day, and I was slow (obvious retorts are disqualified) about these things, i sauntered into Biology and scribbled “MEL ’88” on the board, expecting satisfactory chuckles of the I’m in the crowd variety, but was met with howls of derision. The moment had passed. Peak MEL ’88 had come, and I was the canary in that coalmine.

    NB I have a microscopic membrum virile. It’s like a shy radish.

    And, yes, we really did thus preface the ’88. Without a thought. Snotty, pustuled, just plain nasty in many cases as many of us (ok, me) were, we knew the difference between an “88” and an “’88”.


  6. Thank you Tim for reminding me of this site.
    As to Arnald, I’d like to meet him. Behind a hedge anywhere. Perhaps you could arrange that.
    Bad manners need to be corrected.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Thanks for the reminder, Tim.

    It’s been a while since Sippi was in my daily blog reading rotation. I’d forgotten just how good he is. There is the same pleasure in reading his stuff as in Michael Chabon’s.

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