There’s no surprise here, she is a politician

13 thoughts on “There’s no surprise here, she is a politician”

  1. True, but she is up against someone who would not traditionally be called a politician, so unless Trump has some serious skeletons in his closet…

    I think the more damaging accusation is that Hillary was both a defender and enabler of Bill’s sexual antics. Admittedly this is what a straight-guy would have a lesbian beard for (not like they serve any other purpose), but to have it laid out like that for all to see is damaging.

    There are no new truths about Hillary. People just have to reminded why they’ve hated her since she was First Lesbian.

  2. John Galt said:
    “… unless Trump has some serious skeletons in his closet…”

    Trump seems to be out and proud with his skeletons. Any story that a usual politician would go to some trouble to hide, Trump’s probably put it in at least three of his autobiographies.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    It seems to be a rule in American politics that you can get away with anything as long as you are not ashamed of it.

    Everyone said that drug use was career death. Bill Clinton lied his way out of that. No one cared about the allegations of George W’s drug use. And I am still maintaining that Obama invented claims of cocaine use to make him look less effeminate. He showed no remorse about his womanising.

    But Hilary is suffering from the path her husband pioneered. As Bill was unashamed, so too is Trump. The Republican Base seems fine with it all. He is re-writing the book basically.

    Meanwhile the more that people look at Hilary the less appealing she becomes. What insanity, what corruption, what secret deals, has resulted in Hilary being both so unpopular and yet locked in as the candidate? Did she sell her soul at the cross roads? If so I hope she can lay down some wicked licks on a guitar because it is unlikely to take her to the White House.

  4. On the gay marriage thing, she could have just said that her views evolved over time. That sounds plausible – many ordinary people have found their own views evolving over time; and people would at least respect her honesty, if not her consistency.

  5. The charge against American political parties is thay they are machines, locking out the very people they are supposed to represent. Hillary is the li ING embodiment o that; without her connections she simply would not be in the race let alone a nailed – on cert.

    I think Trump is a chump. Yet he has broken the mould. A candidate’s personal qualifications, their own personal talent, their own record in life, are now back in play. And Trump is the better of these two candidates

    Come to think of it, we all know the out ‘n’ out lefty is a far better candidate than Hillary. Bernie’s success is down to (whisper it) actually being a very good candidate.

  6. “He is re-writing the book basically.”

    In politics, there is nothing new under the sun. See Thucydides or Gibbon.

  7. The look on her face at the beginning of the video is sinister.

    Serene, I’d call it. She’s thinking, “You’re going to prove I lied about something, and to get out of it, I’m going to lie some more, and d’ja know what, sonny? No one, least of all me, will give a shit.”

  8. If nothing else it will be interesting to see Trump go after Clinton.

    For the first time in living memory we’ll see a campaign team who are totally immune to the self-censorship of Political Correctness go for someone. This, coupled with the internet now allowing an end-run around the traditionally censoring and ‘co-operative’ MSM means that a lot of very damaging stuff about the Clintons and their network of dreadful friends (Sidney Blumenthal, Marc Rich et al) is going to come out.

    The debates should be hilarious!

  9. ‘On the gay marriage thing, she could have just said that her views evolved over time.’

    Correct. I was expecting her to say something like that, and yet she lied. The Hildebeeste lies about lying. This example shows that her default setting is lying. Dishonest at her core.

    Stuck-Record is exactly right. Hillary isn’t much of a human being, Trump knows it, and he’s not afraid to tell her to her face and to the world. The Hildebeeste could lose all 50 states.

  10. Is there some way that Bernie could win? Any honest guy, even if he is a deluded socialist, must be preferable to Donald or Hillary.

  11. After listening to a bit of interview by Milo Yiannopoulos about the new film Clinton Cash and I figured I’d download the ebook and give it a read. Good god how is this woman not in prison? I knew she was crooked but good gravy I had no idea. I’d recommend the book if you want to be horrified

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