These numbers are a bit steep aren’t they?

Elizabeth, whose fortune is debt-free, possesses two main assets: a castle, Balmoral, in the Scottish highlands, and a 20,000-acre estate in the east of England, Sandringham House. Both have been royal retreats since the days of Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Queen Victoria. The two properties’ worths are, respectively, estimated at $140 million and $65 million.

$140 million for Balmoral?

You’d get the entirety of Sutherland and Caithness for that, wouldn’t you? Including the population of porridge wogs?

10 thoughts on “These numbers are a bit steep aren’t they?”

  1. Well, it depends if you’re valuing it as a Scottish estate, or as the Scottish estate that was previously the property of the Windsors. If the latter, it’s probably a massive underestimate.

    Billionaires being what they are, you could probably rent Balmoral out for a single summer for £100m+ if that was guaranteed to be a one-off.

  2. I had lunch on the quay earlier this week, and Alexander Machkevitch’s £150m yacht was parked outside. Castles are small potatoes.

  3. 50,000 acres of land at around £1,800 an acre would make up most of the value. Scottish farmland goes for upto £4.5k per acre, grouse moors and forests somewhat less.

  4. Porridge Wogs. I call most of them scotch, which really pisses them off. My friends born in Scotland I am more than happy to calls Scots. Cheers Clive.

  5. It would be more without the population of porridge wogs. Any worker on government service incurs a cost far greater than his/her value.

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