This makes *me* wince and I’m male

A mother in India has given birth to a 15-pound baby girl, believed to be the heaviest female infant ever born.

The child weighs the same amount as the average six-month-old and is reportedly twice the size of the average baby.


The baby, who is unnamed, was delivered by cesarean section

Oh, phew.

15 thoughts on “This makes *me* wince and I’m male”

  1. I imagine the nearest most men get to this sort of experience is the agonising and prolonged bowel evacuation repeated several times the morning after a blistering hot curry. Having experienced that several times in youthful bravado (“I’ll have a king prawn phall and make it hot”), in that respect I’m glad I’m male.

  2. @BF, the delivery was via a c-section. Not sure if your post curry evacuations are comparable

  3. gunker

    yes noted thanks, although I believe John Hurt had a similar problem to this lady after a meal once

  4. I can’t believe childbirth is any more painful than being kicked in the bollocks. I mean, I know women who have had a kid and they say they might like another one. But I’ve never met a guy who’s been kicked in the bollocks who says he might like to repeat the experience.

  5. Isn’t curry a laxative though? You’d need to compare with (attempted) movements after eating something heavily binding. Ouch!

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “I mean, I know women who have had a kid and they say they might like another one.”

    There is a demonstrable memory difference between men and women. Women forget how bad child birth is. I assume that plays a big part in their willingness to have another one.

    Ask a woman who has given birth in the last 48 hours.

  7. @tim Newman also at the end you have a baby. There’s no upside to bring kicked in the balls. But I imagine childbirth is worse because for a start it goes on for an awful lot longer. If you were kicked repeatedly in the balls every minute for ten hours you might have a point.

    As for the Indian lady without a c section she would almost certainly be dead

  8. In response to “What’s it like giving birth, then?” from insensitive student sat next to me, my psychology teacher (this is going back 30 years) replied:

    “Take your top lip in one hand and your bottom lip in the other…now pull them over your head”.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    A natural delivery hurts a great deal, no doubt, but a C-section’s not much cop, either. After all, blokes aren’t exactly expected to bounce back straight after major abdominal surgery. I’m staggered at how quickly they shovel new mothers out the door these days (my niece’s latest sojourn in the maternity hospital lasted less than a day).

  10. Epidurals make all the difference. My wife said child birth was largely painless but hard work. The healing of the episiotomy was far more painful for her. I was coerced by midwives into participating in the delivery (1980s), which was a butcher’s shop. The delivery room is no place for the father. The bloodbath is quite traumatic and could put you off sex for life. Avoid it at all costs!

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