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Robert Reich Really Doesn’t Understand Marissa Mayer, Yahoo and Chobani

It’s quite seriously wondrous. Reich tries to take on the tech industry for not having sufficient staff engagement though employee stock ownership plans.

No, really…..

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  1. Off topic

    Ok guys & gals (for you JuliaM and Clarissa)


    A guy who has funded his own project after making his money. Works outside governments and NGO’s.

    This is where you get to demonstrate that not giving to Greenpeace or Oxfam is not because you are tight or mean, just that you don’t like them and you fondly remeber Friendly Societies etc., etc..

    Nothing not to like for us here. Go, look and read and if you like
    what you see, give him a push. Make him build a few schools.

    Sorry for using your space Tim. Thanks.

  2. bilbaoboy,

    Thank you for that link. It is a shame that no one had posted any comments on his blog.

  3. Do we know for a fact that Chobani will not also have an ongoing employee stock option?

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