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At the ASI:

We are too stupid to know whether we’d like to buy our cancer sticks by the ten or the twenty. After 16 years of education at the hands of the state we are all too stupid still to be able to throw our hat in the air. And we’re definitely too stupid to be allowed to sit down and ingest a pastie if we cannot, in the same place, sit down to expel a pastie.

This simply is not how adults rule themselves.

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  1. We have plenty of people telling us how bad things are but no one thinking of what can be done about it.

    The only question Tim –and the one which SHOULD pre-occupy all thinkers on freedom– is how we can force the changes we want on these cunts.

    Because they aren’t going to give up one iota of their power or ever stop grasping for more in every way large or small. That is the nature of scum and they aren’t going to change. Without change is forced on them.

    One way is to break the costumed thug squad. Without muscle the bureaucratic trash are just noise and they will quickly die on the vine. A privately formed anti-cop force who would back down or trash the enforcers of tyranny would certainly do the job.

  2. You can reasonably argue we are too stupid to rule ourselves, and that our foolishness comes at a cost to other taxpayers who have to pay to repair the damage our antics cause. Brussels would cite this as their raison d’être, the sole reason for Parliament’s existence.

  3. Are you arguing that Bernie?

    If you are can we have some examples of how the “foolishness of ordinary people in any way compares with the fabulous “successes” of politics: World Wars, other wars, economic ruin, and on and on and on.

    The only example of peoples foolishness that I can think of is people doing what they are told by political shite.

    Now that is plain foolish.

  4. Agreed, but I’m not really sure there was ever a golden age of being trusted. We couldn’t drink the afternoon in pubs for nearly 70 years because the whole country would go to hell, the war on drugs has been around for 40 years. There used to be a lot more film censorship, protecting people from seeing things that might damage them. Spectacles regulation, too.

    Nannying is a weird thing because when you look around the world, everyone has their different nanny stuff. The Americans love their guns, but strippers need licensing to wear pasties. The French have laws about what you have to do with your bread to be called a boulangerie, but on the other hand, no-one stops you photographing your kids at the swimming pool. Germany has high speed autobahns, but jaywalking is a crime.

  5. The Pedant-General

    “The tradition of throwing a mortarboard into the air after graduation has been scrapped by a university because of health and safety concerns, according to a student newspaper.”

    Ok. This is clearly rubbish. We are not all too stupid to be able to make decisions like this.

    The University of East Anglia in Norwich said


  6. I’m not arguing that, Mr Ecks, just musing to myself – thinking of the number of dumb things I’ve done and got away with. I like to believe that over the years I’ve paid in enough to compensate, but then why shouldn’t the poor and disposed have fun too.

  7. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind not allowing loosies from a public health perspective. Having 20 addictive cancer sticks in my pocket meant I was far more likely to smoke 20 addictive cancer sticks. If I could have bought individually I would have bought less.

  8. Liberal Yank

    Even 25 years ago I knew shops where you could buy individual cigarettes – most of them were menaced out of it by Trading Standards Officers who lacked anything better to do – as you say, it seems bizarre to force the larger packet but then there is no logic at work here. I can’t think of any single measure more calculated to benefit organized crime than plain packaging but it goes through regardless. I lack the eloquence of Mr Ecks but i do feel that his solution, which is not only dismissal from office but also removal of pension rights might be a salutary lesson which will deter those power hungry people from this type of behaviour in the future….

  9. Wow, Stigler, strippers wearing pasties, that’s some juicy Cornish peversion there…

  10. Exactly, Pedant.

    I trust none of the Union or the faculty wear high heels (I’m looking at you Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi) lethal bloody things, whole regiments have been crippled by them.

    And what about writing implements used as weapons? Oh, sorry, I forgot, no problem there.

    Well, if I could be arsed, I’m sure I could dream up hundreds of things that the faculty could be banned from thinking, wearing or using, but I’ve got better things to do.

    Which sort of defines me as not being connected to politics or education or the Civil Service….

  11. A bit late but compare and contrast, private in the Royal Anglian Regiment v student at the University of East Anglia.

    Both: “Any danger of mortar fire, sir?”

    Response from Sargeant to private: “Oh yes, L16A2 81mm, blow your head right off in live training, laddie.”

    Response from Vice Chancellor of UAE ; “Well, we had a chap from NYC who tried to claim he’d been blinded in both eyes by a mortar board, but we found out it was a scam, but you can’t be too careful…”

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