Well done Ritchie!

What, precisely, fair taxation might be is a question often asked, and not always well answered.

We could always start with the idea that the amount of tax due is the amount the law says is due of course.

That debate could address issues about the tax base. Issues such as horizontal equity are relevant. Why is it that we now have a situation where income from capital is taxed so much less than income from work?

Because optimal tax theory says it should be.

And why are companies taxed less than the self employed?

They aren’t.

9 thoughts on “Well done Ritchie!”

  1. “law says is due of course.”

    of course, there are no incidences in this blog where you think the law should be as you desire it.

  2. @ BraveFart
    This is a failed musician, then unsuccessful music teacher, whom BBC hired to talk about Business. I suspect that I may have more, and mostly better, qualifications in Economics than he does [please note that all of mine are trivial: if you want advice ask Tim, not me]. I shall grant you “offensive left-wing twat”.

  3. @ Arnald
    Every day I think that the law should be as I desire it. The difference is that I do not pretend that it is, nor do I demand that other people obey non-existent laws. I suspect that if the law was as you desired it I should be required to sing in tune.
    There is something to be said for you: you may not be Paul McCartney but at least you’re not Paul Mason.

  4. “And why are companies taxed less than the self employed?”

    I’m pretty sure I’m not sure about this.

    I know and have known a fair number of self-employed types, and I’m not convinced they’re all whiter than white.

    I do remember one friend, about 20 years ago, white as a sheet and complaining loudly to anyone that would listen that he’d been screwed for 15% tax. 15 PER CENT!! Us PAYE types thought that sounded quite good, but he certainly got some sympathy from elsewhere.

  5. BF

    You’ve got me thinking of Murphy as Judge Dredd:

    ‘I am the Law’

    and in his mind he is!

    His catch phrase ‘L’etat courageux, c’est moi, et c’est tout’


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