Who ever thought we would see this as a headline?

Tories replace Labour as second party in Scotland

19 thoughts on “Who ever thought we would see this as a headline?”

  1. Noel: No, we don’t want Corbyn removed from the leadership! He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. @MattL, it is far preferable that he should be ousted with acrimony and division in the Labour party than that he should retire gracefully or God forbid, die in office. There are dozens of equally incompetent leaders who could replace him.

  3. But the ousting with acrimony needs to be much closer to the next general election (and preferably just after it!)

    The sooner the Labour party is utterly destroyed, the better. The better that is, for the working classes and the lower paid; better for children when die-hard opposition to schools actually teaching is removed; better for patients when sensible and long-overdue reforms to the health service can be enacted without “privatisation” dog-whistles and shroud waving emanating from the BBC; and far, far better for every taxpayer.

  4. Yes, just after the next election is the ideal time for him to go. Preferably after losing his deposit.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    It would be nice to have a right-of-centre party on the ballot but until that happens it would be nice to have an opposition worthy of the name.

  6. My thought exactly on seeing the result. Ten years ago you would have been laughed out of town for suggesting it.

    I liked the BBC’s spin on the overall results this morning. The headline I kept on seeing is “Labour didn’t lose as many seats as expected”. As the party in government this is good for them as incumbents nearly always do badly in ‘mid-term’ elections

    Wait, what? You mean Labour are the Opposition and should be winning seats, and slipping backwards is a disaster?

  7. The BBC does seem to be trying to spin results in England at least as a triumph for Corbyn. Very strange.

  8. Well, the Tories used to do well up North. Not just amongst the rural community. Thatcher had ministers who were Scottish MPs.

    But the “evil Tories destroyed British industry” meme played well amongst the commissariat up here. Nice to see Ruth Davidson got a constituency rather than a list seat, as well.

  9. SE, I see our old friend Terry Kelly was suspended by Labour earlier in the week. Any idea if he was up for re – election. ?

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    So the Tories do well in Scotland but did they do so by being Tories or Lib-Dems?

    Meanwhile in England the story seems to be Labour didn’t do as badly as people though – moderately badly. UKIP did moderately well which for them is a success. Cameron’s “Tories” did better but not by anything worth mentioning. And they have lost London to an Islamist.

    In a just world it wouldn’t just be Corbyn fearing for his job.

  11. I’ve always said that it would be best if Labour were destroyed. The natural order is Tories vs Whigs. Mind you, that would mean rustling up some Tories from somewhere.

  12. @ Andrew Duffin
    I am old enough to remember the Conservatives having a majority of Scottish MPs, but that isn’t quite the same as a majority of votes in a three-party system (as it was then).

  13. @Henry Crun: Scottish council elections are next year so Kelly won’t be up for election until then.

  14. Well it is just a party name. The policies that all parties support change through the years. Why shouldn’t voters be any different?

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I imagine the Demented Porridge Wogs are weeping softly into their pints of heavy now that it looks like the kibosh has been put on the Neverendum, at least for a bit.

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