Wonder if anyone will ask this question?

Andrew Simms, Vicky Chick and I will be discussing the above subject at the Hay Festival. Details are:

Event 302 • Wednesday 1 June 2016, 8.30pm • Venue: Starlight Stage

Creeping climatic upheaval and corrosive global inequality are like two threads pulling apart civilisation’s fabric. To survive and thrive, we face an unprecedented challenge of rapid transition. But the way we live is locked-in by an economic system, dominated by finance and obsessed with growth. Andrew Simms of the New Weather Institute discusses whether orthodox economics can effect change with Richard Murphy, the architect of Corbynomics, and Victoria Chick, one of the world’s leading authorities on Keynes.

See you there?

Given that global inequality is falling what is it that we need to change about neoliberal globalisation?

20 thoughts on “Wonder if anyone will ask this question?”

  1. I do wonder… would it be fun to go to one of these things with a really good “neoliberal” economist and ask a question in the Q&A, film it, stick it on YouTube? I’m pretty sure that Chick might be able to handle it, but Murphy and Simms?

  2. Tim, you omitted the last, most important sentence of Murphy’s blog:

    “It’s also a launch event for the paperback version of The Joy of Tax.”

    So, a chance for fans of Murphy and his books, like Van Patten, to get a signed copy from the great man!

  3. Depends how they define global inequality. Some people in the world earn or have squillions, some people earn or have next to nothing. Therefore inequality exists. Pointing out that inter-nation inequality has fallen is just cherry-picking your metric (much as they cherry-pick theirs).

    What the eco-movement really hate to hear is that nothing improves the lives of the poor as much as an internal combustion engine.

  4. Bravefart

    I am hoping to get a copy of his latest Masterpiece once It is written – Given the person who buys me his books is a close personal acquaintance of Murphy he has promised me he will try and get me a signed copy!


    The description of the conference really needs to be replaced with the simple sentence:

    ‘This event is for people that enjoy echo chambers’

  5. “Vicky Chick”, eh?

    Good job she’s a real person, otherwise the Fems would have his nuts off.

    Oh, wait…

  6. So basically we need change but not growth? Semantically that must surely mean that they want us to be worse off?

  7. Creeping climatic upheaval – I am still waiting for some evidence of climate ‘upheaval’.

    Of course if it were ‘creeping’, we would not notice… so how do we know it is happening?

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Does The Joy of Tax have pencil illustrations of a sky-clad Murphy contorting himself into multiple auto-fellatory positions? I do hope not, for the sake of humanity.

  9. BiCR

    That is truly one of the most disgusting mental images that has ever been conjured up for me.

  10. I thought murphyprick was at pains to declare that he *wasn’t* the architect of Corbynomics?

  11. V_P
    Since you know a close personal associate of the Murphatollah, perhaps you could find out more about his legal tussle with Lord Ashcroft? Was the cost responsible for his move to Ely? How has his wife taken it? And more…

    Very amusing! The image of the Murphatollah doing a shoulder-stand in a corner self-fellating (and farting, of course) somehow summarises him perfectly.

  12. Google maps and Google Street View tell us that his new abode is one of a Barratt-Georgian terrace of three properties in one of those developments where consecutive house numbers snake round the estate.
    He is also handily within reach (and I imagine earshot) of a boarding kennels.
    Honda Civic territory (six speed box and capable of 125mph – never been above third and 28mph). He will fit in well.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I really am dying to know if his reduced circumstances stem from the Ashcroft award although given how long ago the whole brouhaha was it seems doubtful.

  14. Having been to Hay on a few occasions in the past is be surprised if this had much of a crowd and was just filler on the schedule. Only event I went to that was packed was the late great Sir Terry Pratchett, truly an entertaining afternoon.
    One of my favourites though was the person who asked an author about a scene involving a gun in a novel which they felt was forced and didn’t fit the novel, the chilly reply was that he had written that scene first and the rest of the book around it.

  15. Are you going to ask Simms about the catastrophe he has forecast to be inevitable in a few short months. The end of November 2016 is the deadline if I’m not mistaken

  16. Theo

    I will ask the question certainly – although said acquaintance now has a child which means gallivanting up to Norfolk is harder. I think from conversations the move was due to some changed financial circumstances certainly although as BiCR speculates, the Ashcroft thing was a while back – it’s possible there has been some other legal action which has not yet been made public – given the contents of his blog, there’s certainly ample grounds for Libel suits…..

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica said:
    “I really am dying to know if his reduced circumstances stem from the Ashcroft award”

    I’m still hoping it’s inheritance tax planning; releasing cash to put into a trust fund for his children.

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