17 thoughts on “#Yathinkdavemightbeexaggeratingaboutbrexit?”

  1. A lot of don’t knows don’t vote. Immigration is apparently the issue which most bothers don’t knows. The English in particular don’t like being told what to do. Who knows? Maybe.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Dunno. I’m quite keen on the human sacrifice bit though. Should make Stonehenge a lot more interesting to visit.

    My totally non-scientific and biased feeling is the Leaves will win by a small majority. Unfortunately I have no faith in Dave or the Crapservative government in general to do the right thing.

  3. The worst that can happen is we’re all living on 2,000 kCal a day, a quarter of which comes from consumption of Irn Bru and Tunnocks, spending our leisure time smoking e-cigs and taking country walks through abandoned farmland to pubs selling increasing amounts of cider and welsh whisky.
    As long as it’s not socialism, we’ll be fine.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Henry – Tunnocks teacakes are as addictive as crack cocaine.

    Their caramel wafers are crap, though.

    Do they still make snowballs (the sweeties) in Scotland? I haven’t seen them in years.

  5. Dave’s flailing has convinced me he hasn’t got a case for staying in the EU.

    If this is the best he can do I’m comfortable voting to leave.

    I was actually looking forward to seeing the case for remain being made, possibly find out what I hadn’t thought of. Kind of disappointing though to see our nation’s leader making a fool of himself.

  6. Dear Mr Worstall


    Would this be ‘world war iii iDave’ perchance?


  7. I think Tim has been at the elderberry wine again and is confusing #blogposting with twatter.

    My prediction is 55/45 in, Dave is triumphant and we get royally screwed by the Euros (rebate gone and take 300,000 migs p/a or pay 250,000 p/a for everyone you don’t allow in)

  8. My view is that there’s too much money at stake to leave.

    On the other hand the Euro scum totally screw the domestic legal scene. So the obvious thing to do is to play it the French way. Firstly, laws we don’t like will be ignored. And secondly, while of course well adopt all their stupid laws eventually, there will be an extended study of how to best implement any new euro law before we implement it; and of course it’ll be impossible to predict how long the study phase will last. This measure is, obviously, retroactive where necessary

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