About Mr. Juncker

So, apparently, and I’ve only been told this verbally, our President, or at least one of our Presidents, turned up a bit pished at a meeting last week.

A meeting of the Speakers of the national Parliaments (didn’t even know there is such a thing). Got into the room, started his speech, looked at the crowd and said “Where am I? What am I doing here?”

He was led away for some strong coffee and possibly, so it is whispered, to try and sober up. He then left.

The meeting was a 9.30 am.

It is only gossip. But rather fun if true, no?

9 thoughts on “About Mr. Juncker”

  1. He’s suddenly realised he’s a a self-important twerp who’s failed? Must be grim: next he’ll be sniffing coke off a prostitute’s breasts in the office:-)

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Italy – “In Russia that sort of thing is normal, even expected.”

    There is a story that Boris Yeltsin was found naked apart from his y-fronts, three sheets to the wind, trying to flag down a taxi in Lexington Avenue or somewhere like that.

    Which was actually an improvement from the Brezhnev and Chernenko days.

  3. Am I misremembering, or does Hunker have form for this type of thing?

    Not that I’m necessarily critical. The closer he and his Ilk are to comatose, the less harm they can do.

  4. ‘n WSC was as pissed as a dowager for about the last 35 years of ‘is life.

    If I wasn’t, I’d rule the world by now.

  5. Was it Juncker or some other Eurocrat who was notorious for getting drunk and exposing himself in the office? I seem to recall reading a report that said “il deviant ivre et montre son zizi a tout le monde”.

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