An interesting insight into the British left

The EU is a festering cesspool. But it’s a crystal spring compared with what the outers want to do – surrender Britain’s sovereignty to the United States

The country which has done rather well over the past couple of hundred years in improving the life of the average bubba on the street. Sure, there’s been bad stuff. Jim Crow wasn’t anything to boast about. But in general and on average the US has taken in tens of millions from Europe and other places and built a pretty decent society.

But the US is the enemy, eh? The very Devil itself for some reason. If it were the US that finally solved the problem of economic scarcity and thus ushered in the possibility of true communism then the British left would still be rejecting it.

Because, you know, America.

It’s an odd, odd, position to take.

And it’s one that I don’t really understand either. As I say, the US isn’t perfect. But then neither are any of the places over here. Why is it, this rejection of the place built, at least in part, upon Tom Paine?

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  1. Because America represents a successful democratic system that has developed without the building of a mass socialist movement – not social democratic, no mass Marxist parties. Therefore it’s a model that is the antithesis of everything that the Left holds dear.

  2. In the words of Wikipedia editors “citation needed”.

    Yes, some Leave campaigners have talked about better trade links with the Commonwealth but I’ve yet to read any 51st Staters?

  3. And I would note that NAFTA has very little to do with anything other than “free trade” and the settlement of resulting disputes. Unlike the EU, of course.

    And there doesn’t appear to be any pressure for “ever closer union” between Canada and the USA?

  4. And there doesn’t appear to be any pressure for “ever closer union” between Canada and the USA?

    That’s probably because Canada defines itself mainly on what it is not, rather than what it is.

    I’ve always thought the Left hated America because they opposed the Commies in the Cold War, and then had the temerity to win.

  5. The scum of the left have been shitting themselves with hatred for America for decades. The same tripe was being peddled in the 1920s.

    America is now badly infected with socialistic evil–both state and corporate and is in a death spiral so soon leftfilth will have nothing left to whine at viz the US.

  6. Can’t imagine why Tim thinks this noteworthy. Reflex anti-Americanism has been a feature of the Left, certainly since I was old enough to notice politics existed. Challenge them on it & you’re entering a logic free area. Uncle Sam’s equivalent to Satan & that’s all you need to know. Anything bad happens in the world, anywhere & the US is responsible..

  7. @bis

    True – Chomsky’s entire political career has been premised on the US being the centre of all evil. No matter what the topic, it’s our (the West’s fault)….

  8. America is now badly infected with socialistic evil–both state and corporate and is in a death spiral so soon leftfilth will have nothing left to whine at viz the US.


  9. Just occurred: Topically, the gun control issue’s high on the list with “assault rifles” the ultimate devil’s tool. Completely ignoring that the communist block completely flooded the world with assault rifles (without the quote marks) to the point that anyone with the slightest grievance totes an AK47 or one of it’s derivatives.

  10. BiS – you have missed the rather important point that for lefty scum, an AK in the hands of a 14 year old black kid in Africa is ok as that is part of their long march against white colonialism.

    It is AR 15s in the hands of law abiding white adults that is inappropriate.

    Do keep up.

  11. ” Reflex anti-Americanism has been a feature of the Left…”

    Except when it comes to uncritically and rapidly adopting the latest US lefty nonsense fad.

  12. Topically, the gun control issue’s high on the list with “assault rifles” the ultimate devil’s tool.

    And, of course, the fact that what they are trying to ban here is “looks like an assault rifle”. As has been endlessly pointed out, what is commonly available in the USA are single-shot, semi-automatic weapons in military calibres. For which the only advantage appears to be the typically high standard magazine load. Although there are high-capacity magazine available for all sorts of weapons if that is the factor you are fixated on.

  13. @SE
    I notice the on-line, huntin’, fishin’ & shootin’ site here is listing an AR15 lookalike. Also available with removable or folding butt & pistol grip. Chambered for .22LR & legally possessable on a hunting licence.
    But America’s the source of all evil….

  14. Poor Monbiot is having a bad year. Publishing much less but quite unhinged when he does so. A mid-life crisis, perhaps?

  15. “It’s an odd, odd, position to take.” Yup: George Orwell pointed out that lefties hate their own culture and culture. So what’s the explanation? My guess is that many lefties, despite their intellectual pretensions, are basically so thick that they cannot draw attention to themselves other than by trashing their surroundings (like graffiti artists).

  16. @Ralph Musgrave
    As Tim Newman recently illustrated with his account of his lefty artist friend, few on the left are actually creative or innovative or can cut the mustard in any sort of competitive world. So they’re after a world that rewards failure & success equally.

  17. ‘Could you point us at some of Monbiot’s work which is hinged?’

    I think he painted a door once.

  18. Widdershins

    That did make me laugh audibly which has led to people in the office looking at me strangely…

  19. The article itself is pretty much something that a member of the ‘Tin Foil Hat’ brigade could have penned – paranoid doesn’t even begin to cover it. Why this guy isn’t bracketed with David Icke is one of the curiosities of the age…

  20. @Van_Patten, it’s because he’s deemed to be sufficiently left-wing by the folks who deem this kind of thing 😉

  21. My question is this: Why do so many left-wing Euroweenies operate under the delusion that the USA would want any part of the UK or Europe in the first place.

    Hell, the rise of Donald Trump simply confirms that most Americans would be tickled pink if they could fob California, Massachusetts and New York off to the first Euroweenie country that asked for them.

  22. abacab

    I know – but the question is ‘why’? Obviously his environmental shtick is a surefire winner with that crowd but economically he is simply some kind of ‘return to the 1950s’ atavist – I am fast losing track of the myriad ‘factions’ on the the Uk Left – byzantine doesn’t even begin to do it justice….

  23. How do we know that TTIP would tear down public protections? Because the same clauses in Nafta have already started doing so across Canada, the US and Mexico.

    It’s funny that the supporting evidence is the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s hard to find a better example of pointless government interference. I don’t know if there are valid reasons to deny this pipeline, but not others. What I do know is that it is a political litmus test for ‘green’ credentials. Monbiot’s example is a case that supports the need for treaties like TTIP.

  24. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Napsjam, if Mongbat is having a mid-life crisis he’s left it a bit late: he’s 53. On the other hand, he’s been churning out his Pooterish brand of hair-shirt miserablism for so long it rather invites the question of whether he didn’t transition from adolescent to boring old grumpy shitbag directly.

  25. Some of his stuff on agriculture and “wilding” was not nuts, nor his support for nuclear power, but it’s all relative – just seems to have taken a sharp turn into despair and conspiracies, relatively recently.

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