Apparently Vikings slap the birds around

The Nordic countries are the most gender equal nations in the world, but at the same time, they also have a disproportionately high rate of intimate partner violence against women.

Who knew?

7 thoughts on “Apparently Vikings slap the birds around”

  1. “Denmark and Finland by the way should disabuse you from blaming this phenomenon on immigrants.”

    No, that would require an actual breakdown by race of perpetrator.

  2. “Denmark and Finland by the way should disabuse you from blaming this phenomenon on immigrants.”

    Dunno about the Nordics, but the received wisdom in Britain is that non-English speaking immigrant wives don’t report their beatings. So if anything, countries with high levels of recent immigration should have lower reported levels of domestic violence.

  3. The comments at MR seem to explain it. Someone notes that the ‘violence’ in the report includes ‘psychological violence’.

    So it’s likely that your empowered Nordic women are taking the Everyday Sexism approach to reporting. Perhaps it’s the patriarch in me talking but I don’t see how equating being shouted at with a beating is helpful to anyone.

  4. “Our response to domestic violence and abuse is included within the violence against women and girls action plan”

    From HMG’s website.

    Stopping the bashing of men and boys around is obviously not worth having a plan about.

  5. @ AndrewC
    No, it’s not because if the average gal punched the average guy she would probably feel as much pain as he did. I am not denying there are extreme cases – the mother of a friend told me that she had kicked her husband in the balls, in the street, during an argument – but these are too rare to justify to George Osborne the cost of a violence by women and girls action plan

  6. john77’s anecdote brought to mind a woman friend who’s marriage broke up due to domestic violence. She hit her husband so hard he face planted in the bathroom basin & broke his front teeth.
    Polish/Irish bred was Moira. Swiftly leaving her presence with crockery hitting the other side of the door was a feature of her relationships. At a skinny 5 foot 1 she could put the fear of God into 6 foot 6, 18 stone club bouncers, just by looking at them.

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